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I recall when Trump was running for President, and even while President, his haters in the media constantly heckled and fact-checked him and called out believed falsehoods. So where are all these fact-checkers now that the press got Biden into office?

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There are calls for banning gun sales to end these tragic killings. Guns don’t kill people. It’s the people pulling the gun trigger that kills people. The problem isn’t the guns; the mentally disturbed person pulling the trigger is the problem. The facts are that 67% of the death attributed to guns are suicides. The solution to gun violence is solving mental problems. I believe it all stems from the family life of the disturbed violator. Bring a child up knowing right from wrong and respecting life in general, and that child won’t kill. At the very least, parental supervisors will be around to forewarn authorities when the child goes ballistic. Raising children with a good helping of religion never hurt, either. Raising children in a single-parent home is too tough on the single parent and bound to affect the child negatively.

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