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The Allegiance of the Damned
October, 1755
There is no greater nightmare to a Nordic sailor than drowning in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Only the terror of being devoured by a kraken could rival the fear of being lost overboard in those ice-filled seas in which the cold’s dagger-like fingers slash into the unprotected flesh to freeze the heart.
Dutch Captain Rutger Vogel knew this terror well for it sped his own heart. He saw it mirrored in the pleading eyes of his ten crewman as they peered back at him from the pitching, ice-covered decks of the Lilith, a 154-foot schooner sailing north through the English Channel, And still, the seasoned captain’s heart burned with more powerful emotions than the fear of an icy death in the stormy seas of the North Atlantic. Vogel’s desires even outweighed his compassion for his fellow shipmates. His insanity was born from the dire needs of jealousy and revenge. His desperate needs demanded that he return to his home outside Amsterdam by the quickest means possible and at whatever the cost.

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