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This blog began about poor manners, but as I thought it out, it was leading toward parenting. Recent news and events brought my thoughts more toward parenting again. What are parents thinking these days? How’s buying children entrance into college going to help them in the long run? The student still has to pass their courses to graduate. Are parents going to buy their children their first job post-graduation, and then let them live at home? How does a child learn to deal with reality if Mommy and Daddy do everything for them? They will never learn to respect anyone or be respected. Another similar episode surprised me. Years ago, I heard parents were buying their teenage girls breast implants for their birthdays. That one backfired with them revealing these implants are causing cancer now. A recent newscast claimed that parents were purchasing their sons “muscle” cars so they could drag race. Obviously not a well thought-out gift. Now these kids are dying in car accidents. Finally, there’s the measles epidemic. Twenty years ago, measles had been eradicated. Then parents decided not to get their kids vaccinated. Measles are back, endangering everyone, including their children. Hindsight might be 20/20, and you might want to help the ones you love, but a parent has to use what minimal intelligence they have to help their child’s future.

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