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In my blog of 3/2021, “Bidenomics”, I changed the original 1980s term for Regan economics “Reganomics” to forecast what Biden economic policies “Bidenomics” would do to the robust U.S. economy Trump had left behind. I predicted that Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan of simply printing more money would flood the market, leading to inflation. No one listens to a simple writer. Biden and the Democrats passed all sorts of fiscally irresponsible policies, destroying the economy. One year later we have 7% inflation, the highest inflation rate since Jimmy Carter, the last Democratic Party disaster. Biden did all this in one year in office. What can we expect in his second year? You liberals and Democrats might want to stop reading now. Biden has already proven Bidenomics 2022 isn’t going to be pretty.

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