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Entries for April 2014

           Dr. Jessica Bana sat comfortably at the cherry table in the enormous kitchen of Sara’s Garden, a sanctuary for abused women and children on the northwest side of Maui. She felt tired after a long day of work, and a bit tipsy from too many beers. While trying to maintain her best poker face, Jesse ran her fingers through her long brunette hair and peeked down with green-brown eyes at her mound of poker chips.

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      What does the opening day of the baseball season mean to you? Anything other than just another season of high-paid athletes strutting their stuff on the ball field? I guess your answer may depend on your age. Today’s youth have much more to occupy their time and attention. Their heroes appear in highly visual movies and video games. Their activities are more sedentary and solitary than what kids did forty or fifty years ago. The world changes, but is it for the better?

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