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Our government reminds me of irresponsible children when it comes to spending. The Democrats spend, spend, and spend more to get elected without regard to where the money comes from or how it affects the economy. Now Biden is pushing for a higher debt ceiling. What specific actions has the government taken that are bei for irresponsible spending?
The state of the economy proves that the government's spending has caused inflation, negative GDP, and rising interest rates.
Wasteful spending by Joewill only increases the national debt. Soon, we will be facing the inability to service that debt. We have record inflation, a low to negative GDP, and a recession with rising interest rates. These factors indicate a crappy economy triggered by massive government spending during COVID-19 to assist the non-working. Much of this money remains unspent because it was unneeded. It was wasteful spending by a man who clearly doesn't understand economics: Joe Biden.

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