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In my blog of 3/2021, “Bidenomics”, I changed the original 1980s term for Regan economics “Reganomics” to forecast what Biden economic policies “Bidenomics” would do to the robust U.S. economy Trump had left behind. I predicted that Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan of simply printing more money would flood the market, leading to inflation. No one listens to a simple writer. Biden and the Democrats passed all sorts of fiscally irresponsible policies, destroying the economy. One year later we have 7% inflation, the highest inflation rate since Jimmy Carter, the last Democratic Party disaster. Biden did all this in one year in office. What can we expect in his second year? You liberals and Democrats might want to stop reading now. Biden has already proven Bidenomics 2022 isn’t going to be pretty.

To remedy Biden’s idiotic mistakes will be painful. Many readers weren’t alive through Reagan’s solutions to Carter’s blunders. I recall having to finance my first car at 13% because I was a recent college grad with a new job … a credit risk. Fortunately, I was employed by a mortgage bank which allowed me to purchase my first home at5%. Can you imagine paying those rates today? Better start planning because Regan’s solutions will be needed again. To lower these highly inflated prices will require double-digit interest rates to lower the money supply by getting people to save again and investors to reinvest. Higher rates are the only way to dry up the excess money supply. Biden and the Democrats will lie or try to spin this differently. Still, economic logic calls for higher interest rates.
They won’t want to admit that higher interest rates mean higher interest payments on that enormous national debt we’re carrying. More spending will raise the debt again when we borrow more money. These are payments the economy can’t afford. It will only increase government spending and the government budget, requiring increased taxes. This will mean expanding the debt further, throwing budgets, shutting down the government and its programs. Thank God that the multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better Bill went down the toilet, huh?

So what else can we expect from Bidenomics in 2022? We’ll have to endure the inflation for a long time. Biden destroyed the energy independence Trump left him. Now, we’re begging the Arabs and Russians for gas. They aren’t sympathetic, so we expect energy prices to remain high. Biden also gave everyone money to stay home over Covid. No one wants to come back to work now, requiring higher wages, and, therefore, prices and inflation. Biden added to the worker shortages with his unconstitutional vaccine mandates … higher wages to hire and train workers ... more inflation. Good thing Biden has all these Nobel-Prize -winning economic experts advising him. Something tells me that’s another lie. Biden doesn’t live in reality. He has no clue what is going on outside the White House. He doesn’t give a crap about the economy or the American people.

Biden finally came out of hiding to answer questions last week to address inflation and prove how much he cares about the average American. Peter Doocy of Fox News dared to ask if Biden thought the inflation would be a political liability.

“No, that’s a great asset. More inflation,” Mr. Biden answered. “What a stupid son of a bitch.” Really? Who’s the stupid SOB here?
Does that sound like a President who cares for the American people? The answer is, no! The Biden crime family has their money from China. Biden has never been about Americans first. On day one in office, he destroyed energy independence by closing the Canadian pipeline and ending fracking on federal land. He claimed he did this to reverse climate change. These practices will continue through 2022. These are all moves which have destroyed the American economy. Yet, Biden has done nothing against the worst offenders of global warming: China and India. There is ample evidence that Hunter Biden received huge payouts from China, half of which went to his father, Joe, who continues to be soft on China. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi will continue to abuse their power for their own enrichment until they are voted from office.
In the meantime, we can expect the stock market to falter with Biden’s economy with its stagnating policies. The feds will slowly raise the interest rates. Retirees can watch the value of their IRAs slide into the toilet with rising inflation unless they move their investment to hedge against it. It will be difficult to keep up with his inflationary policies when he has claimed he believes inflation is “a great asset.” Biden has crashed the transportation system with his climate and mandate policies. The shelves will remain bare. Economic pressure will only increase the crime rate. The open southern border only increases crime and drug usage, killing more Americans while giving away the country to the illegals. This appears to be Biden’s goal. The push by the Democrats to defund the police is killing our good men in blue while the crime rate is skyrocketing nationwide. It is not safe in Biden’s America, and he’s done nothing to address it while moving from one catastrophe to another.
There isn’t room here to get into what Biden is doing to us internationally. Biden wants to get us in a war with Russia over another country’s border while ignoring our own. Why not send the human and monetary resources and resources Biden wants to be sent to Ukraine to the southern border to defend our border from the cartels?
I usually prefer to leave my blogs positively, but this administration makes it difficult. The only light I see in the future is the upcoming 2022 elections when Americans can vote in their mind. Based on recent polling, the Democrats will lose control of congress.
As much as people hated Trump’s methods, patriotic Americans had to have appreciated his policies of America first. To anyone still reading this rant, I admit I miss Trump’s policy of America first!