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No doubt you have noticed, if not experienced, the increase in the crime rate since the George Floyd tragedy and the calls for defunding the police by the liberals who pay for their private security. Since the Floyd train wreck, an autopsy report has surfaced which proves there were no physical signs of trauma on Floyd’s neck to show that the neck hold that policeman Derek Chauvin used on Floyd was fatal. Since this news came out, the initial prosecutors have come out to claim they believed there was no case when they first saw it. Still, there was so much public outcry and pressure to prosecute a white police officer for killing a black man that they took the case. We all know the national chaos that erupted. Even the President, Sleepy Joe Biden, surfaced from his obscurity long enough to announce that we must end systematic racism by finding Chauvin guilty. Following Joe’s division of this country, BLM took off, and riots ensued, causing billions in property damage. Political careers were launched, making themselves millions. All of this could have been avoided if politicians pushed America’s race issues for their benefit without so much as suggesting solutions.

Higher crime was bound to happen in Gavin Newsom-run California when he made it lawful to steal a specific dollar amount and let criminals out without bail. Still, the George Soros-funded District Attorneys, whose natural desire is to destroy America, are only a tiny part of the problem. To get lower crime rates demands a good deal of work. Let’s start with the most straightforward part first. Criminals will continue to break laws as long as they see no accountability from the top. President Biden and his family are the worst American criminals. Biden-Obama (It is obvious Biden is Obama’s pawn for Obama’s third term in office). Biden-Obama sold this country out to China, Russia, Ukraine, and others who wish to harm the United States besides accepting bribes. If you haven’t seen the Impeachment inquiry into Biden, blame mainstream media who refuse to cover it. Kentucky Congressman James Comer has shown us checks Biden received from multiple foreign parties, including China. Suppose you don’t believe me that China compromises Biden. How do you explain his actions toward America’s greatest enemy? He has allowed China to purchase land surrounding our military bases. He lifted Trump’s laws, ending the Chinese theft of America’s intellectual property.
The most obvious one is Biden allowed an enormous Chinese spy balloon to fly over American military bases for a week before shooting it down. He allowed China to build bases in Cuba, where John F. Kennedy took us to the brink of nuclear war with our Russian enemy for a similar trial. Biden-Obama instigated policies to kill hundreds of Americans and destroy the country. Biden-Obama isn’t satisfied killing Americans with open borders and Chinese fentanyl. 110,000 Americans have died from fentanyl overdoses. Biden became personally responsible for these American deaths when he ended Trump’s secure border policies on his first day in office. These people entering our country illegally are already criminals. What’s stopping them from continuing their criminal lives once they’re in the country? They don’t have any American pride or fear of our police. Why not stay in a country where everything is free? Not satisfied with killing Americans. Biden lies about border security and leaves it open to people who wish Americans harm. Maybe Biden slept through the part where Hamas terrorists raped seniors and beheaded babies in Israel. Does he realize these terrorists kill every one of different religious beliefs, like Americans? Maybe he’ll wake up when we have another 9-11 type terrorist attack. God, I hope that’s not what it takes.

What can Biden-Obama do next to destroy America? The world has descended into chaos under this weak Biden-Obama admiration. He already has us on the brink of World War Three. Iran has sworn to become a ballistic nuclear missile capable of destroying its enemies, including the U.S. and Israel. Israel will respond in kind if Iran bombs it. All the while, our babbling boob of a leader hides in his basement, blaming others. My point is, why should criminals obey the law when Biden is making a fortune by breaking it?
The GOP needs to get their heads out of their butts and finish their impeachment process to get the country’s reins away from Biden-Obama to hold him accountable to the rule of law. Holding criminals accountable is the first act in repairing a broken system. How did we get this way?
Another method Biden-Obama has increased crime is his moronic Bidenomics. I wrote two years ago about how throwing 3.1 trillion Dollars on an economy stagnated by COVID would lead to inflation. Any idiot who knows Economics 101 understands that, but Biden is too stupid to realize the obvious or did it intentionally to destroy the country. Democrats love to spend money that isn’t theirs. Now, we have record inflation and high-interest rates where no one can afford groceries or even rent. People have turned to theft to feed themselves, and Biden-Obama is bragging about his Bidenomics. He wants four more years to finish the job he started, Biden’s economic destruction. Not only are people stealing to buy groceries, workers are forced to strike for higher wages. This will haunt the workers when plants must shut down or move to less restrictive countries. Biden-Obama’s EV demands are already killing automotive companies. Americans and the country aren’t ready for EVs. They are too expensive for the average buyer and too unreliable for anyone taking an extended trip. The country doesn’t have the electrical station infrastructure to support extended EV travel. Until EV prices are more economical and the infrastructure exists to support their travel, no one will buy one. Their manufacture and sale are practical. Suppose Biden-Obama had half a brain (which he doesn’t). In that case, he might have consulted the auto manufacturers before ending oil production and imposing his ridiculous EV mandates. But he didn’t because both Biden and Obama hate this country. We have strikes on automotive companies who can’t sell their EVs or afford higher worker wages. It is estimated that for each striking worker, there are eleven other jobs affected, like the restaurants, grocery stores, barbers, suppliers, and retailers serving these non-working workers. These Biden-Obama-caused strikes are hurting the entire economy. Biden likes to brag about his economy. Biden-Obama strutted his stuff after the last jobs report showed more people working, plus many were government jobs inflating our governmental costs. What he doesn’t say is that these were seasonal jobs that would disappear following the holidays. This is similar to him taking credit for the people returning to work following the COVID lockdown mandates. Pure Biden lies.
Before the bodies had chilled following this mass murder in Maine, Biden-Obama was screaming for our Second Amendment rights again, saying guns are the reason for these murders. We needed to ban AR-15s with expanded magazines: “because who in God’s name needs an AR-15 with an expanded magazine.” Biden criticized gun owners. I’ll tell you who. Deer hunters use AR-15s. I can’t imagine Biden hunting for anything beyond a way off the podium. Still, suppose he’d ever shot a fifteen-point buck with just one bullet. In that case, he’d want the ex-large magazine full of the other fourteen bullets when that enormous buck charged at him with those fifteen antler points aimed at his midsection. Deer hunters who feed their families with venison depend on their guns.
Biden-Obama doesn’t care about feeding families. If he did, he might care about the highest inflation, food, and gas prices since the Jimmy Carter fiasco. What am I thinking? Biden hasn’t lived in the real world in decades. He doesn’t know about the price of beef or a simple can of soap. We don’t need to ban guns. We need the enforcement of strong gun laws. Most of all, we need better mental health.
In contrast, lunatics who check themselves into a hospital, saving they hear voices, aren’t discharged to go off to buy a gun. People with mental health conditions aren’t quickly helped. Still, at least we could warn someone about them, like their families or the police, without infringing on their rights. What about the rights of the dead and their families?
Both Biden and Obama hate America. The proof of Biden’s hate is their actions so far and the ones that will lead us to World War Three. Biden has shown little interest in shaving our hostages kidnapped by Hamas or even condemning Iran for their part in the whole Iran-Israel conflict. Hell, at least with Jimmy Carter in 1979, we got nightly updates about negotiations for our hostages. Not a peep out of Biden for these hostages, as if he’s hoping we’ll forget. I guess that he’s forgotten about them. Russia never invaded Ukraine under Trump because he was a strong leader who terrified Putin with his conviction for a strong America, and he didn’t take any bullshit against American values.
Let’s face it. Putin hates Trump for the sake of the reason Trump scares most people. You can’t tell what he’s going to do next. I like him because whatever he does, it will be suitable for Americans. Iran never terrorized Israel under Trump because he killed off the head of ICIS, General Al-Baghdadi, in Syria. Iran didn’t dare anything on Trump. Trump’s constantly pushing for America first is the main reason I disliked Obama so much. He hates America. What do I have as proof? Obama was embarrassed he was President of America. He was always apologizing for American wealth, remember? He gave way trillions of taxpayer dollars to lesser countries to rebuild their economies or feed their poor while doing nothing for the American poor. Does anyone remember anything positive that Obama did for America? You can’t say Obama-care. That has been a disaster since Congress voted it into existence. In small-town hospitals, the druggies overdose knowing they have free medicine to save them from another overdose. Hell, we have Narcan overdose dispensers in pop machines for easy access in the Biden-Obama administration.
Obama found his stooge in his VP and used him to keep giving away Taxpayer dollars while screwing our allies. How is Biden-Obama going to start World War Three? Russia is now a friend of both China and Iran. Iranians have sworn to kill us as Israelis. Russia has promised Iran the missile technology to launch their nukes. Where do you think they will go after Iran trained all these Hamas fighters to attack Israel? How do you think Israel will respond? You don’t have to have as many peas in your heads as Biden to imagine the result.
Obama did have one thing right. He didn’t do anything about it. Lawlessness begins in the home where parents don’t teach respect for others, religion, or morality. Obama once started a speech before he was warned to shut up: Obama said: “Too many black fathers are MIA missing in action.” He continued to speak about how fatherless blacks don’t finish high school, get a job, and end up in a life of crime, leading to murder. Obama never finished that speech or did anything to solve the problem, probably because he didn’t know how or care. If people respected each other and the Bible, maybe they wouldn’t steal other’s possessions. My parents taught me right from wrong. They took me to church and taught me God’s Ten Commandments. I never felt the compulsion to steal, but then, I never needed to pinch. I was always well-fed. Not everyone is as fortunate under Biden-Obama, where people are going hungry like never before, and evil is allowed to rule.
Parenting and law enforcement aren’t always the cure. I have siblings who were raised by the same values as me, but the results were the opposite. They stole from their parents and each other. No, parenting and law enforcement aren’t all the cure. Sometimes, there are bad seeds. No amount of praying and watchfulness can stop. Those people end up in Hell. We need to teach respect for the law and law enforcement again. We need people to be held accountable and to serve actual jail time. When thieves see their lives destroyed by jail time, they may think twice about breaking the law.
After all that negativity, I’d like to finish with some humor I saw today. I saw a T-shirt that read: “Farted: The cheapest gas I could afford.” That’s Biden-Obama’s America, and the old fart wants four more years. If they would make us energy independent again so that our oil could compete with the Iranians, maybe they’d stop supporting terrorists. Iran was nearly bankrupt under Trump when he sanctioned their oil income. Then Biden-Obama lifted the sanctions, freeing up billions for terrorists. This attack on Israel was the fault of Biden-Obama. We get what we vote for. A friend told me they’re calling Biden “Banana-peel” now because they get slips and falls so often.