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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing for almost a year with no sign of a victor or peace talks. President “sleepy” Joe Biden has promised Ukraine all the monetary and military equipment support they need to get the job done without accountability of where all this American tax-payer paid assistance is going in one of the most corrupt nations in the world. I guess this should be expected coming from the most corrupt President in our history, whose family received at least ten million dollars in bribe money from Ukraine. I figure Joe has passed on our tax money to Ukraine either in compensation for the bribe or he’s getting some kickback. Biden hasn’t done anything charitable, and certainly not for needy Americans.

I initially supported assisting Ukraine against Putin’s Russia. I was a Cold War child who learned to hide beneath my school desk during the air-raid sirens, fearing nuclear war. General Patton had it right. We should have kept going during World War Two and beaten the Russians while our army was there. He was murdered for that suggestion or the idea that he might blab regarding all the mistakes of World War Two, which got Americans killed.
My charitable position of saving other free countries has changed recently after the proof that Joe Biden, our Commander and Chief, has been taking foreign bribes to affect policy decisions. It has been proven through testimony and bank records that the Biden crime family has taken multi-millions from Ukraine, China, and Russia. Now we’re sending trillions of our hard-earned tax dollars to a corrupt country in the middle of Europe where we’ve already fought two World wars, spending trillions and losing a generation of young men. We have no business in another European war! Ukraine isn’t a NATO ally we swore to defend. If the Europeans want Putin in place, let them do it with their money. Let them or Ukraine buy our munitions. If Ukraine paid for its defense, this war and its killing would end. We could return to minding our own business and preparing for our battle against China and North Korea. Unfortunately, the Chinese puppet is taking orders to destroy the American military and give away our military supplies to leave us defenseless against foreign enemies.

Biden has already allowed China to spy on our military installations with their balloon. He’s allowed the Chinese to build bases in Cuba and South America without a peep of protest or threat of military response. JFK is rolling in his grave. The Chinese are buying up our land, and only God knows how many Chinese spies crossed our Southern border unchecked to freely walk our streets and take out enough utility stations to disrupt critical utilities across the country. All these Chinese spies running loose could lead to another terrorist attack as painful as 9/11. The part that puckers my ass is the distribution of our precious F-18s and their technologies to Ukraine. Why not send them directly to China to duplicate our technologies and save the middleman? This fits perfectly with traitor Joe’s policies to put America last in opposition to Trump’s popular MAGA perspective.
Nope, I go with letting Europe fight their wars and concentrating on our own woes, like feeding and housing our homeless and demented, cracking down on fentanyl deaths, fighting crime, and rebuilding our armed forces. Cut Ukraine off. Force Ukraine to stand alone or negotiate a peaceful resolution to the war. Whatever happened to the United Nations, whose unified peacekeeping forces were supposed to end these hostile takeovers? Why are we still sending trillions to them?
Many of our woes could be set aside if Biden was tried for treason and locked up for good, but this would present another problem. That babbling boob, Kamala Harris, would be President. She can’t complete a sentence any more than her corrupt boss. Have you noticed she laughs like a laughing hyena? On the positive side, there doesn’t seem to be any proof of bribery in her case. Maybe the Chinese never saw a future in wasting money on her. She talks to people like a teacher instructing children as if we’re all at her lower intelligence level. The 2024 elections can’t get here fast enough for me. What I’d love to see is a Trump/Biden debate. Unfortunately, the Democrats will never allow sleepy Joe out of his closet again after his tragic Maui appearance. Good lord, man, what an asshole! No wonder the native Hawaiians gave Joe the middle finger for showing up two weeks after the tragedy because he was busy vacationing on a Delaware beach. He further insulted them by falling asleep during a prayer meeting for the deceased and offering a meager $700/family in a land where the cost of living is among this nation’s highest. $700 won’t cover the night’s beer tab for a visiting Mainlander, much less a week’s groceries for a hungry family of four. At the very minimum, Biden should have put all the homeless Hawaiian (American) families in Maui hotels like he put all the illegal aliens in expensive Texas and New York hotels. I repeat. What an asshole!