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For those seeking a blog about the LGBTQ society, this blog isn't it. LGTBQ is simply one part of a multifaceted blog this month. I've never been able to keep track of all the letters in this acronym until this week while listening to a podcast by Newsmax contributor Sebastian Gorka, an insightful analyst for Clinton and Trump. Then, similar to the humor in the phrase "Let's go, Brandon," I got what LGTBQ stands for. According to Gorka, It's an acronym for "Let's get Biden to quit." Easy to remember, huh?

I heard on the news that Pope Francis believes the Catholics should be more inclusive of the LGBTQ community and that somebody should read bible scripture with the proper pronouns. Being all-inclusive is part of the Catholic religion and is acceptable to me. I can't be persuaded to tolerate the LGBTQ lifestyle, however. Marching naked through the streets chanting: "We're here, we're queer, and we're coming for your children is not only illegal, but it also promotes pedophilia. We have enough teachers and priests after our kids; why promote more disgusting illegality against innocent children? Not only was I disgusted by the chants, but seeing shirtless grown men with figures less appealing than Slimer should be enough to scare away any child, if not scar them for life. If you want to parade naked, at least join a health spa, and use it first! Keep your clothes on, you disgusting slobs. I can't imagine a love-starved wife wanting those bodies, let alone a frightened child. Good God, man, the sight of some guy thrusting his hairy beer-gut and boney ass at a cringing child in a perverted manner will haunt me for weeks. Given the physical fitness of the average American, I guess I shouldn't have been appalled by the marchers. The ones who appeared uncomfortable were the nudes on bikes getting the bike seat enemas. That's giving for the cause. I guess I don't see the purpose. Gays won the freedom to marry. What else do they want, and how do they expect to get it by flopping their privates in the wind for all to see? I've never considered gross public nudity displays as an effective marketing strategy. Maybe Bud-light could recapture its market share by advertising naked males reclined on their couches guzzling their beer. Now there's an attractive mental image. I may have to poke out my mind's eye.

Let's go back to our basic high-school biology. Humans have two types of chromosomes in their reproductive cells. Those humans with XX chromosomes are males. Those humans with XY chromosomes are females. A fat guy with a bicycle seat stuck up his butt cannot ride up to a child with a magic wand and puff-change that child's sex. Not even drugs and surgical procedures will change what that child was born to be. That child was born perfect in God's image, and any effort to change that will only mess with the kid's mind, ultimately leading to suicide: a path no one wants for our children.
Something else that came into focus this week is Biden's corruption and its effect on the country. We're sending trillions to fight the Ukraine war because Biden was paid off from Ukraine. It is obvious Biden was bought and paid for as a Chinese puppet when he was admitted to the Chinese spying station in Cuba without a peep of protest from Biden. JFK took us to the brink of nuclear annihilation when the Russians tried to station troops and missiles in Cuba in the 1960s. Still, Biden can't be bothered with national security. The moron still believes the Chinese are our friends; they're such good friends, ole 'lunch bucket" Joe has all but given Chinese Taiwan with a bow on top. Let's get Biden to quit before he destroys this country and the world. Unfortunately, the puppet still dreams of becoming a real boy. The only way to get rid of him is on criminal bribery charges. Biden's safeguard remains Kamila Harris. If Biden goes, we're stuck with the even more incompetent Harris. Maybe she can cackle the Chinese into submission. I'm planning for war now while there's still time to buy supplies in the stores… but I'm just a writer with an overactive imagination.
I saw a fascinating documentary on climate change yesterday called "Climate Hustle 2" Hustle 1 and 2 are available on Amazon, or you can stream them online. If you've followed my blog, you know I've never believed climate change was anything more than the tilt of the planet toward and away from the sun to give us an ice age for a few million years followed by an angle back toward the sun, which melts back the miles-deep ice creating the deep lakes and reforming the landscape. Still, I never realized how much of the climate change hustle were a power grab for our freedoms and a money-maker for the elite few, much the way the Democrats used COVID-19 to lock us in our homes, silence any nonconformists, and reeducate our children. Biden has already used climate change to take away your cars and destroy an economy dependent on fossil fuels. They're teaching children that their parents and grandparents destroyed the world, so when the children grow up, they will vote for climate change. How much money is being made by converting our habits and economy to reusable energy? There is a lot of talk about a global government to redistribute wealth, destroy democracy, and have us all living underThere is much more about the formation of a single worldwide government that redistributes the wealth and controls all the people. I need to reread Gorge Orwell's nineteen-eighty-four, which describes a similar world lacking freedom.

My only hope for LGBTQ is that after all Biden's bribery charges are made clear to Americans, he'll realize he's toast and quietly pass out his time in office and not run in 2024. Who am I kidding? Joe Biden is too stupid to quit, and Dr. Jill likes the White House so much she'll continue her elderly abuse if she has to stuff sleepy Joe and prop him up in the corner. We need an educated public to re-elect Trump before our world is destroyed.
One solution to having naked men riding bicycles in June would be to have pride month in December.