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Now that the republicans have the numbers in the House of Representatives, they have the brawn to begin effective legislation to take back our country from the Biden Admiration's disasters. To be effective, they will need to use their brains to get things passed the democratically controlled Senate and White House. In addition, they'll want to show the American People that a Republican-controlled government is worth voting into office in 2024.
They're already behind the eight ball. Bypassing the spending bill at year end, the government is funded till September 2023. This means they can't use government funding as leverage to get something passed the way the democrats just did.

I created a list of essential points to attack in my October 202 blog. Still, some of them bare repeated or reorganized. From what I've heard so far, many of the republicans are out for revenge against the Biden crime family first by getting bogged down in congressional investigations. At first, I was against getting too involved with impeaching Biden because there are so many emergencies to address, like the Southern border. However, every day that passes with that mental case in power is another day for him to destroy America. We need that Chinese puppet out of office, so the Republicans can do what needs to be done to save this country.

Suppose you listen to Republican fire-brand Marjorie Taylor Greene. In that case, she'll agree we first need to rescue the Americans wrongly accused and jailed for their January 6th involvement. Many of these Americans were wrongly detained, held in unconstitutional conditions, and unjustly tried. They need to be treated fairly if not released. Then, we can begin on our country's woes like:

1: Plug the Ukrainian Money leak: Biden has been all for sending trillions of our tax-payers' dollars to fight the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all unaccounted. We don't know where this money is going. I'm all for helping Ukraine against the Russians and destroying Putin's reign. Still, I'm more for using intelligent methods while maintaining accountability of our rescue plans which not only pays Americans but also helps reduce our inflation. This is where republicans must be more competent in their marketing ideas with Democrats and Biden. To save the freezing Ukrainians and take away Putin's primary income from the Europeans, we need to drill, drill, drill, baby, drill for our own natural gas and oil reserves. Once we're energy independent again, we can sell our excesses to Europe and bail out Ukraine while taking away Putin's war income. Then, with the oil flowing in the United States again, we can lower gas and Diesel prices, helping to lower the price of goods and eventually inflation. The problem is Biden and his belief that humanity is destroying the environment with climate change. He can hold on to that idea of climate change for now.

Biden needs to give the American industry time to react and invent better alternatives to electricity powered by coal and gas. Recently, science conducted a successful fusion experiment without the dangerous radiation by-product. Of course, it'll take years to perfect, but it is one angle of progress. In the meantime, someone needs to prove climate change to me.

I still adhere to the simple logic of viewing history. We have proof that the planet goes through periodic warming and freezing cycles which have nothing to do with man or his pollutants. It has more to do with the planet's positioning with the sun.

At one time, this planet was warm enough to be covered with jungles and warm-blooded, lizards (dinosaurs). That proves this planet has a history of getting hot and staying that way for millions of years for the dinosaurs to evolve. Man had nothing to do with the planet's warm phase. Scientists believe the dinosaurs were killed off when an asteroid hit the Earth. There is another alternative. The planet slowly turned too cold from expanding ice caps, killing off the col-blooded lizards. There is a theory (the one I believe is occurring now). The Earth rotates round and round on an axis. This gives us twenty-four hour a day (our current lifestyle). But suppose it can tilt on that axis, causing different parts of the Earth to lean away from the sun, increasing the ice caps. This could be happening now. Viewing historical logic we know there was a time that a large portion of the northern United States was covered with up to a mile of ice and snow. We have that proof from the evolution and existence of animals such as Mastodons, Giant Sloths, and Sabretooth tigers. Then, just like the dinosaurs, these mammals died off when the ice retreated again. We have proof of that warming stage where the ice-age retreated in creating the Great Lakes around Michigan that were carved out by the glacier's retreat and then filled with water by the glaciers' melting. This warm phase had nothing to do with the modern man who still lived in caves.

These proven comings and goings of ice prove the Earth goes through long periods of warmth and cold, all of which have nothing to do with man but its positioning with the sun. This theory makes more sense than the theory that a hundred years of carbon emissions caused by mostly four-cylinder gas engines is causing this entire planet and its trillions of ocean water to heat up. Wouldn't it make more sense that the power of our sun could accomplish that? But, again, man has nothing to do with this warmth. So, drop the scare tactics of climate change Man needs to learn to survive it better than the planet's previous mammals. For now, drill, baby, drill, and lower this inflation. Revive our economy and save Ukraine while making the United States some money for a change instead of saving the rest of the World while apologizing for being industrious. Let's live the way we've lived the last hundred years before the Democrats used this "climate change" scare to get into power and reduce our freedoms. Remember how Al Gore said the polar caps would be gone by 2013? They're still there, so let the Republicans get to real jobs like:

2: Close the border the Trump way: This one may be obvious, but impeach Alejandro Mayorkas for lying to the people and not doing his job. Then, the border must be closed the way Trump had it closed with a stay in Mexico provisions to stop the flow of Chinese- made fentanyl that's killing Americans and stop the entrance of murders, human traffickers, Sexual predators, rapists, and terrorists who are attacking our electrical grid. I have nothing against immigrants entering legally. That's how my ancestors came here, but the flow of fentanyl has to stop. I support Trump's idea of imposing the death penalty on cartel members caught bringing fentanyl across the border. I doubt the Democrats or Biden can oppose stopping the death of innocent Americans. Not if they plan to stay in office for long. Biden will oppose closing the border since this flow of illegals was his plan. Still, he must stop the flow of fentanyl.

3 Get America back to work: Biden created his ridiculous Rescue America Plan during COVID-19. The man needs to be more knowledgeable about the economy or save America. Biden is similar to most Democrats in their desire to stay in power by throwing money at everything without considering the results; Democrats wrote and approved this disastrous Rescue America Plan to bring the economy out of COVID-19. They didn't consider the long-term effects of inflation and employment. This 1.9 trillion plan is economic suicide since it'll bankrupt the country while increasing inflation. This plan gives eighty thousand dollars a year to families of four where both parents are unemployed, in addition to paying their medical. This is a hell of a pay raise for most families. The 12020 censuses showed median wages for a family of four vary by state, but the average is less than 70K. Of course, no one wants to return to work. Now that COVID is over, none of these people want to return to work. The economy needs more workers. End the COVID supplemental pay, ya morons! Get people off the couches rather than mooching off working Americans. I can't state this enough, drill, baby, and drill to lower inflation, revive our economy, and therefore the World's economy with ours.

3: Revise Democrat's latest 1.7 trillion Omnibus Wish List: The Democrats recently pulled one of their usual tricks here at year-end. They added their expensive wish list to the bill to keep the government funded through the year. Most of their add-ons are pure inflationary crap that the Republicans need to eliminate, such as Michelle Obama's$3.6 million nature trail in Georgia. What a joke! The Obamas made enough money already screwing over this country; she can pave the trail no one will ever use. More wasteful earmarks were naming a San Francisco Federal building after Nancy Pelosi. They should be jailing her and her husband for insider trading, not rewarding them. Did anyone else think that attack on Paul Pelosi sounded fishy? Pelosi called 911 for the police, but when they showed up, he walked toward the attacker instead of the police. I should take my own advice on this one. I have no idea what really happened, so stay out of it. He should be in jail for his recent DUI crash. Paul Pelosi loves to drive too fast. At the age of 82, his reactions are up to his desires. His reflexes weren't that good 60 years ago. The internet shows Paul Pelosi killed his brother after picking him up for a "joyride," during which Paul lost control and flipped the car. One would think that would stop Pelosi from endangering more lives with reckless speeding at his age, or he could believe he's above the law based on his wife's governmental power. He should have been jailed like a common drunk. Anyone else would have been.
4:Reaffirm the First Amendment: The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees all Americans five fundamental freedoms: religion, assembly, petitioning the government, freedom of the press, and speech. Thanks to Elon Musk's release of Twitter files, we know now that the FBI and other government agencies have been canceling the speech of those who don't hold their beliefs. Republicans should investigate the culprits and take the appropriate actions, like breaking up big tech and clearing out the FBI. Keep the polarized DOJ in check.

4: Legalize school of choice: Public schools are not teaching our children to read, write, do the math, or do science. They don't even teach American history. Parents need the option to send their children to a school that strives to instruct the studies where our children will succeed in the future, not what fits the teachers' union agenda. The parents must pick their own schools and have the money follow the student.

5:Man vs. Woman: I've tried to stay out of this one because I don't understand it. I'm not against people changing their gender. God made us smart enough to think for ourselves. There are no laws forbidding cosmetic surgery to change one's appearance. Where there needs to be a law is where genetic males compete in sports against genetic females. If transgender males feel they must compete in sports, let them compete against each other or non-transgender males. I would think a true sportsperson would welcome equal competition.

I wish the Republicans the best of luck because they'll need it. To everyone else, I want to wish a happy and prosperous 2023.