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Most people associate the word “faith” with their belief or connection with their deity. One definition of faith is a strong belief in God. Some say faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. My father held no severe belief in God until his final days when his death was inevitable. True faith lends courage. His religious-like effort centered on his job and the domination of others to elevate his position in life. He mistrusted others and often sabotaged “friends” careers for his betterment. To his credit, his hard work was to make the best life for his family. I can’t complain since I was one of the recipients of his eventual wealth. My most significant complaint was how he treated friends, family, and especially his wife. He cheated on my mother poorly by openly cheating on her. My parents divorced after fifty years of drunken arguments, causing me to learn from their unhappiness or suffer a similar fate in life.

My wife, Monica, and I celebrated forty-two years of being together this past August. We have been happily married for thirty-eight of those years. Only through Monica’s strength and religious faith has our marriage survived these years of both of us working full-time while raising five dogs and a son. We raised four Alaskan Malamutes and a Siberian husky like they were our children. We endured the tremendous pain of watching our furry children die of old age and cancer. We have purchased and renovated five homes together. A trial on any marriage.

The first test of Monica’s faith in me and our marriage came when I began writing while working. Of course, any writer can tell you how difficult success comes to writers. Nevertheless, Monica believed in me, supporting my efforts while paying the editing and publication fees from our joint family income.

The ultimate sign of Monica’s strength and faith came years ago when a blood clot caused me to suffer a stroke that paralyzed my left hand and leg. Monica was true to her personality and strength. She gave up her thirty-year career as an automotive executive to care for me. My care included countless doctor appointments. Thanks to COVID, Monica endured thousands of hours in the parking lots awaiting nearly useless physical therapy for me to learn how to walk again. She suffered all these hours away from her other passion of working in her garden without complaint or outwardly resentment upon her problem husband, who showed little appreciation. Her most significant hurdle has been my reawoken temper and irritation at being paralyzed. Going from a fully functional, active human being to a disabled person was difficult. Monica’s dedication was my first lesson in faith. Her love helped me change my attitude and resentment. I have learned complete trust and confidence in someone. It has taken my life to unlearn the hatred and mistrust taught by my father. Monica and my faith in her have shown me happiness. Monica has saved me in every way.

Happy anniversary, Monica. I don’t know what I would do without you. My most cherished memory is still our first date in August 1980. It was the date that launched an eternity of love since there was none of that “till death do us part” crap in our wedding vows. I had them changed. I always knew my passion for you would never die. We will live on with our love for eternity.