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The Biden Exit Strategy

I'm not a conspiracy advocate but a writer with reasonable observation skills and intelligence. My wife, Monica, and I are similar to many families. We discuss local and world news during dinner. Our son, Mike, lives locally with his Norwegian pet elkhound, Sven. He comes to dinner weekly so we can get in our puppy fix. Mike is the lone liberal Bernie Sanders hold-out in a strongly conservative family. He stays out of our conservative political discussions but keeps us grounded with intelligent input to balance any radicalism.

Monica and I are of differing opinions regarding Joe Biden. I believe the Tony Bobulinski story that the Biden family defrauded him for millions, if not billions of dollars, from the Chinese government. I think that Joe Biden is a Chinese pawn working to destroy America. That is the only way I can explain his incoherent and destructive policies. Monica believes that all Joe Biden's gasps and errors are an act and that Joe plains to be pardoned once out of office based on his mental state.

My imagination came up with another exit strategy. I figure "Dr." Anthony Fauci will want out of town pretty quickly when the GOP and Rand Paul retake congress in January 2033. We already know he has friends in China. Depending on the election outcome, I believe that Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden will take a trip to China. Fauci will tag along to avoid congressional investigations and taking the blame for killing millions of Americans and billions worldwide. Naturally, most would say this is gibberish, but I hope someone is keeping taps on those four and their substantial bank accounts. If they disappear to China, there's no getting them back. I doubt Joe is loyal to Jill, either. If this isn't an act, Joe's going to live it up with his Chinese pals while going down as not only a traitor but also the worse President of the United States. If he does run away, Biden will live in fear of an American hit squad. By this point, most have stopped reading my non-sense, but if you're still here, read on

When the GOP retakes congress, they'll have their hands righting our ship before they get around with impeachments and criminal charges for the Bidens and Fauci. With Trump's pit bull. Jim Jordan is leading the judiciary committee, and Congresswomen like Marjorie Taylor Green and Marsha Blackburn bond to get results.
I see their order of business as follows:

1: Right the economy and end inflation. The solution is simple enough. Although Biden won't do it. First, they must replace Trump's energy independence and assist Europe by selling them our oil. This would help end the war in Ukraine by cutting off Putin's income from European oil consumers of Russian oil. It could add to our income. If the U.S. could convince the NATO nations to stop buying anything from Russia, Putin's war income would dry up, ending the war and our need to finance the Ukrainian defense. It might even get Putin ousted for an unpopular war, but that's a long shot.

Back in the States. They need to repeal any Covid restrictions on the economy and get people back to work by ending stay-at-home payments and any unemployment subsidies. Most of all, they have to end useless spending, maybe even add work incentives that don't involve higher wages. It might help to add tax incentives for both individuals getting new jobs and new businesses. Local and state governments could assist new businesses with their tax incentives.

2: Replace Trump's border wall and security policies: You could take the money democrats set aside for more IRS agents and send it to the border for the addition of more funding for ICE and police patrols. To stop the flow of fentanyl and human trafficking, I suggest stiffer penalties against cartel leaders. We need to give them something to fear for killing our citizens like begin with no jail release or appeals processes for non-citizens. We should add a mandatory death penalty for cartel leaders after we confiscate their ill-gotten billions. That should give lawbreakers something to think about. A secure border means we must round up all the illegals and ship them back. Suppose they wish to remain in this country. In that case, they need to provide proof of employment and paying taxes before we grant them the full benefits of citizenship. When 4.5 million Europeans began immigrating to America in the mid-1800s, they brought a strong work ethic. They started their businesses since there was no government assistance at the time. Today's immigrants rush here knowing they'll be taken care of with governmental free rides from an existing tax-payer base: you and I. This needs to end now! Make it clear there are no more freebies, maybe even prosecution, and the immigration flow will cease. Since recruitment numbers are down, we might want to institute a mandatory stint in our military.
3. Retake our streets: It's time to end the crime in this country. We can start by impeaching all the George Soros liberal prosecutors. They release criminals without jail time to break the law again and again. So what if we fill up the jails? That's why we p paid for them and built them. Once we have strong prosecutors, we need to re-fund and support our police force with liberal laws which allow them to go after criminals in a way that says: "Don't break the law." This whole George Floyd epidemic has gone too far. George Floyd was a career criminal whose life caught up to him. The manner of his death was wrong, but it shouldn't affect the entire country with lawlessness by disarming the police and protecting civilians. It's time to protect the victims instead of the criminals. Biden having the Floyd family to the White House to personally apology shows how out of touch his administration is with reality. A simple look at Floyd's criminal record shows he was no angel. Biden used Floyd to push his agenda against police, further proving his incompetence in performing his duties of protecting this country. I also wish to add that the thieving members of BLM who defrauded all their contributors for millions need to be rounded up, jailed, and confiscated their money and property. That'll teach you to research where you're donating money.
4. Hold china Accountable: There is plenty of proof. I don't think it is even debated whether the CAVID virus escaped from, or was deliberately released from China. We need to demand reparations in the way of repayment of income and lives lost. Fauci is on record pushing for gain-of-function research. Knowing it was illegal in America, he sent it to China to use against us. Some of this needs to come out of his hide. There is also significant proof of the Chinese stealing our data and military secrets and buying up our farmland. All this needs to stop. Senators Rand Paul and Jim Jordon are beginning investigations, but we need new leadership to pass laws restricting China. Joe Biden will never go against his masters. He needs to be impeached on several accounts. There is proof that he was aware of Hunter's illegal dealings and profited from them. More recently, there is proof of Biden trying to persuade the Saudi Arabians to not reduce their oil production until after the midterm election in order to sway the elections toward the Democrats. They tried unsuccessfully to impeach Trump on similar grounds. Joe Biden is not a morale man. He needs to be put away for a long time after stripping him of his illegal wealth. Once he's out, we need to impeach his cabinet members like the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for his handling of the Southern border and his lies to the public regarding border agents whipping illegals when he knew it to be untrue because he'd been informed hours earlier by the photographer of the photo that those were horse reins. Mayorkas lied to demonize those agents for doing their job. Why'd he lie? Who knows? I guess it fits the Woke schedule to make all police look bad. Or to lower the border agents' self-esteem by letting them know their bosses don't have their backs, either. Why stop impeaching Mayorkas? Why not impeach the cackling border czar herself, Kamala Harris, who has never been to the border? Or so much as accepted her duties. Why stop with these two buffoons? The real destructors of America right now are the ones giving financial advice to Biden. The most egregious simpleton knows enough not to throw trillions of dollars on an economy stalled by COVID. With no one to produce goods or buy them, the result is too much money sitting idle: inflation. The economy needs to be roaring, so it probably doesn't need stimulation. I'm a simple writer who can figure that out. Fire Biden's economists, or start paying someone like me the big bucks. It ain't that hard to figure out, but Biden's agenda is to make all Americans suffer and feel the pain. Enough about that. The sooner sleepy Joe's safely tucked asleep in his bed, the better.
5. Give the schools back to the parents: My son, Mike, has been out of college and working for years, so I've been out of touch with what goes on in schools since my days of coaching pee-wee football twenty years ago, I have been terrified to hear all this malarkey about teachers assigning gender to their children, and drag queens teaching kindergarteners sex education or showing them perverted material of inappropriate sex between adults and children. These kinds of sexual predators belong in jail, not our classroom. The parents deserve the right to have their tax dollars follow their child wherever they choose to send them to school. Teaching CRT in the classrooms only perpetuates racism not quells it. Get back to teaching reading, writing, math, and science. It's sickening to go to the grocery and have a teenage cashier confused about the change of an $11.50 charge from a $20.00 payment. The kid should be able to do it in his head before even pinching the keys. How do they do a checkbook or file their taxes? I can't imagine going to the grocery and knowing if I have enough money to cover the bill without adding it up as I put things in the cart. Without the basics in school, there's no getting through work and life to have a family.
6. Rebuild our military: A recent Heritage foundation report rated the U.S. military as weak and unable to fight in a single-front war against Russia, let alone fight on two-fronts against Russia and China.

The military problems began when weak democratic Presidents like Obama began giving away the United States and apologizing as if we'd one something wrong by working hard and being prosperous. Eight years of his bullshit reduced our military to nothing. Trump tried to rebuild the military but wasn't given enough time before Biden destroyed all his progress, and now our Generals are more concerned about their proper pronouns than being military-ready. Besides, today's youth are too fat and lazy to form a proper army. Good thing it's not 1941 again. We'd be speaking Japanese. At this rate, we might have to learn Chinese. Maybe they can teach our kids to read, write, and do the math.

I'm still unsure on the timing of Biden's exit. The first piece will fall with the mid-term election results and the withdrawal of Nancy Pelosi. The rest may depend on World events, Taiwan may fall to China shortly afterward when Biden fails to come to their defense. The timing of Biden's exit may also depend on the speed of Hunter's demise. The quicker the GOP works to get Hunter behind bars where he belongs, the quicker the rest of the family leaves town with their buddy Fauci. With Hunter's head on the block the proof of "the big guy's guilt will be shortly behind. No one will buy his babbling idiot act for long, and he'll be off to that Presidential rest home or his home in China, where he'll be honored. Who knows? I'm probably full of shit, and the Bidens will stick around to face the music and prove me wrong. He claims he can beat Trump in 2024. I'd like to see either Joe or Hilary try. What else can they throw at Trump they haven't tried?