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In the nearly rabid days since the reversal of Roe versus Wade, the insanely vain crying for women's rights have forgotten the rights of the fully-grown child they wish torn apart by abortion in its last trimester. They have forgotten their creator and the will of God. Those seeking women's rights deny the miracle of billions of years of evolution by denying human beings the right to reproduce and replicate their species. Nature intended our species to produce. The process would have been impossible rather than enjoyable if it hadn't. That is common sense. If God had not wished for the continuation of His creation. He would have forbidden it. He didn't! There is a simple solution to abortion and the death of an innocent child. It is called: ADOPTION! Let the child live and be shared with a loving family that cherishes the gifts and opportunities of that life.

I'm confused about women's cries that their rights are being violated with the elimination of abortions. How are they being denied? Maybe it is a guy thing. The only thing being eliminated is the freedom to end an unwanted pregnancy. To me, this is a case of irresponsibility. Women generally have the choice of whether to have sexual intercourse or not. A human child is only produced through sexual intercourse. It is up to the sexual partners to accept the responsibility of having a child. If the women don't want the responsibility, there are contraceptive methods. Or you can simply abstain from sexual intercourse. The availability of abortions has nothing to do with women's rights or freedoms. Keep your legs crossed, or just say no to your lust. If the urges are uncontrollable, there are surgical methods to eliminate them. My wife and I set personal goals for what we wanted for our child before dedicating ourselves to a family. It wasn't always easy to restrain our lusts, but the end result was less stressful.

To be honest and fair, I don't have adopted children. I can't speak of the difficulty of adoption. My wife and I have a son. My wife is the daughter of a family of ten children. I understand her reluctance for a more prominent family than what we have. We decided on our careers instead of children. To supplant my need for multiple children, we raised Alaskan Malamutes. Our son learned to walk surrounded by three hundred pounds of fur, muscle, and teeth to brace his falls. He was smothered by loving kisses of concern from dogs when he did fall. Our son grew up to cherish life and love dogs. I can only speak of the happiness of being surrounded by life. Adoption spreads life and opportunity for that life. One of the happiest moments in my life was seeing my son's birth. How can that experience be denied?

Let me state. This is NOT a call for violence or "insurrection", but a plea for peaceful prayer and open dialogue about life as was the way of God's will and our country's forefathers. My thoughts are simple. Plan for your child and its future. Plan your family. Stick to your goals by resisting desire. Don't punish the innocent; complicate your sins before God if your actions or wishes deviate from your plan and produce a human being. Consider giving that child's life to another who can care for it.

This month, Kirk Cameron's new film called "Lifemark." It tells the true-life story of an eighteen-year-old contacted by his birth mother years after she gave him up for adoption while she was on the abortion table and their life together. The movie also provides information on adoption services and agencies for those mothers seeking assistance. For more details on Lifemark, go to If you care about life and wish to learn about the joy of adoption, see Lifemark. It is a much better film message than all the crappy remakes they're putting out in the name of art. The saying: "two wrongs don't make a right." Has always made sense to me. Rather than abort babies of incest and rape, put them up for adoption where their evil origins can be forgotten and overcome.