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From my first book “Second Chance” to my monthly blogs, I’ve never hidden my pride in being an American or my love of living in the United States of America. Saying you have pride in America nowadays is akin to claiming you are slaughtering neighborhood strays. Power-hungry liberals would have us all hating each other and our country even if they have to let in a whole new nation to do it through open borders and teaching our most vulnerable children to hate their country and families with CRT. I’m fortunate to have raised my son in the Catholic Church Nuns and priests taught him reading, writing, and math. There were no drag queens teaching gender identity.
American public opinion wasn’t always like this. In 1914 we joined the First World War to fight fascism and save democracy. Politicians, both European and American, ignored the signs of Nazi power. Their failures led to another great war. We came out of that war as an immerging World power in which all Americans could show their pride. American pride and dominance blossomed during World War Two. Our soldiers returned home to become our greatest generation ever. At the end of the Second World War, weak politicians began to chisel away at American strength and pride. Rather than allow General George Patton to defeat the Russians while our Army was in Germany, the politicians allowed Stalin to divide up Europe under communist rule, leading to decades of friction and other war.

It was during the late1940s-1950s during the McCarthy Era when being anti-American could get you labeled a communist and black-balled from society. Political beliefs ruined lives.

American pride suffered in the early 1950s during the Korean War, where we saw our forces fight to a stalemate with nothing to show for the great sacrifice of American lives.
American pride took a shot to heart in the 1960s when a weak government failed to support our troops in a very unpopular war in Vietnam. It was a blow to which American pride and World standing never recovered.

These failures continued with weak democratic presidents like Jimmy Carter, who allowed Iranian militants to take seventy American hostages for 144 days without repercussions.

Obama stepped in next. Obama just gave away the store in his lazy-ass manor that marked his presidency. He followed the typical democrat policy: throw money at it if there’s a problem.

Now we come to the man that even Obama admits is a fuck-up: Joe Biden.

What do we have with eighteen months of Joe Biden? I’m not sure it’s safe to say Biden is even running the show. He appears to be someone’s stooge. We have record inflation, gas prices, and thirteen dead American soldiers in Afghanistan. We have thousands of dead Americans from fentanyl overdoses smuggled over our open borders and out-of-control crime in major cities where no one respects the police, and criminals are set free without bond. Can anyone say they’re in better shape than when Trump was President?

Of course, no one has pride in America anymore! Biden has turned this once-great country into a joke. No one will join the military because we are such a joke. We have proof Biden’was paid off. He needs to be impeached and do some jail time!

History shows that politicians only serve themselves. Elections have consequences. Think wisely, and get out to vote this fall!