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"Joe-Bana" has provided this Nation with nothing but chaos during his administration, from record inflation and illegal immigration to food shortages and the brink of World War. It's one crisis after another. What he hasn't provided so far are solutions. He's blamed everyone but his policies and cowardly leadership.

I want to suggest some solutions. I predicted this inflation in my "Bidenomics" blog in the spring of 2021. I pointed out that adding $1.9T to a stalled economy can only lead to inflation. There was too much money in the system. Biden didn't read my blog. Instead, he took the advice of "Nobel-prize winning economists" (another one of his lies) to destroy America by throwing our money away. Hopefully, most have learned that Biden is an idiot. We can't trustBiden to do the right thing for America because he has been bought out by big pharma and China.

My first suggestion is to stop spending! Quit printing money we don't have and lowering the dollar's value. Quit spending money worldwide to defend other countries while not defending the United States. Biden has sent fifty-two billion to Ukraine while leaving our border open and unprotected to illegal drug cartels and immigrants. He welcomed Sweden and Finland into NATO, where we will protect them with our military dollars so they can save their defense money for their economies. Only Trump forced each NATO country to pay 2% of their GNP on their defenses. We need to return to that policy. Ukraine and these other NATO countries need to purchase American military equipment to defend themselves rather than depend on our generosity and hand-outs.

Biden also needs to stop financing the World's vaccine demands. Other countries know we have produced a vaccine for COVID-19. They can contact our pharmaceutical companies, or Russia's, to arrange for their supplies rather than sticking the American taxpayers with the bill.

Biden's most significant waste of money is supplemental unemployment. He's paying to keep people from working. That has to stop. The pandemic has passed. Open the economy again. An open economy of workers will pay their taxes, generating national income. It will generate job growth and investment through increased consumer spending. You know capitalism. The higher interest rates will promote higher savings and investments. This dries up the excess money supply. Lowering the money supply versus demand increases the value of the dollar. That is how you end inflation—simple economic theory, and from a dumb writer, no less.

The most significant contributor to inflation is fuel prices. Those could be reduced almost immediately by Biden reversing his insane war on fossil fuels. Open up the keystone XL pipelines again. Open oil exploration in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico again. Make the United States an energy exporter who could save Europe and starve Russia. Put the economy back to work. Many of our Nation's problems will work themselves out because that is what open competition does.

One of the more essential solutions would be to end the national crime wave by supporting the police. Put criminals in jail with stiff penalties. Pay incentives to police recruits. Start enforcing our country's laws, especially at the southern border. If these illegals are willing to pay cartels thousands to get here, why not have them pay to get in?

Trump said it best when it comes to these school shootings: "We sent forty billion to Ukraine to save them. Why can't we spend a few billion to protect our schools?"
The solution is simple enough. Get back to parents raising their children with God's guidance and moral leadership. Teach children right from wrong. Teach them communication skills. Until that time comes, we need to fortify the school to one entrance guarded by an armed guard who'll patrol the halls and parking lot during the day.

The quickest solution would be to impeach Biden for breaking our laws at the southern border. My guess is there is no solution until the next election. Hold onto your bootstraps cause the going is going to get rough.