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Society is demanding equality in all aspects of life, from race and national origin to those who are gender-confused.

. There seems to be a push for equality for those who break or have broken the rules of society

There is one group whose equality is ignored. However, Women, or 50.52% of the U.S. population and voters, are still being paid thirty percent less than men for n equal jobs with equal qualifications. This gender pay gap needs to be addressed and enforced more than any other equality issue. Women tend to vote more than men, so a strong PAG pushing gender pay equality could get this done.

Employers need to understand the benefits of equal pay in employee happiness, motivation, and overall productivity in less absenteeism and harder work. The most significant cost to most companies is the variable cost of labor. This cost is reduced with a satisfied workforce consisting of the most qualified workers. A company that guarantees equal pay for women will find a greater number of qualified applicants with lower turnover. Lower turnover reduces costs in retraining.

My wife, Monica, spent thirty years working for Ford Motor Company as an engineer. Engineering is a male-dominated field. Monica fought and endured this gender pay gap issue her entire career, but primarily in her years at the executive level, where it wasn’t just the pay differential but also the disrespect and sexual discrimination, and harassment.

My point is this: Before we allow men to compete in women’s sports because they’re too weak to compete against their gender, let’s ensure women receive their fair share for an equal job done! Political candidates who push for equal gender pay versus giving citizenship to illegals might find themselves elected.