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Most Americans remember our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, He was one of our greatest Presidents and World leaders. Reagan recognized our enemies like the communist USSR. He strategically eliminated them through economic strategies that cost Americans nothing, and yet dismantled the USSR by bankrupting them to keep up with us militarily. So ended the Cold War which had terrified Americans for decades. You may also recall his initially controversial supply-side economic policy which was dubbed “Reganomics” by a hostile, liberal press. Regan was chose to impose his economic policy following the excessive spending policies of the previous Democrat President, Jimmy Carter, who printed money, driving up inflation while increasing government regulation and taxes. This is a Democrat trademark now pursued by President Biden .I dubbed Biden’s current economic policies “Bidenomics”. The term may not be too original, but I hope to show here how these policies dictated by our new President out of pure hatred for everything Trump are ill-conceived, illogical, and will destroy America’s great economy. Joe Biden has no clue of what he’s doing in economic policy. He doesn’t even recognize our enemy, communist China who has proven their hatred for Americans. I wonder who is running the show. Their intention appear to be driven toward socialism, and the redistribution of wealth. Historically, socialism/communism has failed

To halt the stagflation caused by Carter’s economic policies (slow economic growth plus high unemployment) Reagan introduced the following policies: He reduced federal taxes, and regulations, He tightened the money supply, reducing inflation, and leading to increased interest rates. Higher interest rates increased business investment and consumer savings.

Lower corporate taxes increased business and job growth. The reduced federal taxes gave workers more money to spend on the products produced by increased business growth. The result was the 3rd largest economic expansion in the country’s history which was felt for decades.

Later Presidents gummed up the works with their spending policies and regulations. Democrats, or “Dumbocrats”(my aunt’s term) like Obama/Biden gave us out-of-control spending with no goals toward business growth for the simple reason that they didn’t understand business, and pushed a socialist, welfare state which generated higher poverty levels and income gaps for the minorities.

Following the eight years of Obama/Biden abusing the American economy with regulations and excess spending, we got the outsider, Trump, Trump is a man who’d spent his life conquering the real world of American business, while making himself a billionaire. What made Trump unique was the fact that he didn’t need the Presidency, but he saw how Dumbocrats were ruining the country, and wanted to save Americans

Trump returned America to the competitive markets without government interference and regulation. He let businesses take care of themselves with the stimulation of reduced taxes, pushing production and economic growth. The result was the strongest American economy since Reagan with the lowest unemployment rate in fifty years, and energy independence. The one mistake Trump made with his stimulus package was that he put in a payroll protection policy for small business. In theory, it was the right idea. His problem became the practice. He let the government distribute the money. Much like the roll-out of Obamacare, no one could get their money or loans. Trump handed over this strong economy to the latest Dumbocrat, Biden who immediately began dismantling it with foolish executive orders, destroying American jobs, and our energy independence with the third term of Obama.

Now, in their illogical hatred of everything Trump, Biden and the Dumbocrats are backing illogical economic policies that will destroy the American economy, jobs, and families.

One doesn’t have to be a noble -prize recipient in economics like Milton Friedman to see Bidenomics makes no sense.
Let’s look at his $1.9T stimulus package. Biden and his fellow Dumbocrates are trying to ram down America’s throat.

Biden claimed economic theorists say the stimulus is a good idea. Bullshit! That is a lie, and I can prove it with economic theory and simple to understand logic. Biden doesn’t name a single economist who approves of his “relief” package Biden likes to call it a COVID-19 relief package when it contains only 9% in actual COVID-19 relief. It is more about a Dumbocrat wish list paid for by the taxpayers while the Dumbocrats hold congress
According to national data, Americans still haven’t spent a trillion dollars from the last stimulus package. How could they? Americans have all been stuck at home thanks to Dumbocratic governors in Michigan, New York, and California. Few businesses are open to produce or sell goods. Restaurants are open to limited capacity after months of being shut down. There’s no reason to buy new work clothes or automobiles, because no one is going to work. No one can go on vacation. The stimulus bill will just add money to a flooded system, increasing inflation, and prices. Increased prices only hurt struggling American families. Long-term inflation will not be offset by a stimulus check. The small businesses and restaurants ruined be Dumbocrat dictators in poorly run states will not return. Biden is bailing out these governors’ poor management with his stimulus bill, our taxes, because they supported his election.

Most parents would have trouble going to work, because all the kids are home from school. Kids are committing suicide .Hundreds of thousands of women have quit their jobs to care for their children. Trump was right! Reagan was right, .The economic theories of Milton Friedman are right. America’s open competitive market is the greatest economic system in the World. Biden just needs to open up the country. Americans need to be out producing to consume. It’s Economics 101. There has to be a supply of goods and a demand for that supply. Just throwing in money out there Willy Nilly is a waste, creating debt pointlessly and decreasing the dollar’s value. According to investment advisors like Steve Forbes, Biden’s economic policies destroy consumer confidence in their government and their currency, the dollar. If you don’t believe that, why are investors investing in precious metals and Crypto money to protect their investments and cash? The value of the dollar is plummeting with each trillion the Dumbocrats print to cover their spending. That’s an economic fact. American’s savings accounts and 401Ks are decreasing in value with each executive order, Elon Musk is betting Tesla’s profits on a $1.5B investment in Bitcoin which he can’t realize until he sells it off again. He’s gambling on the value of Bitcoin exceeding that of the dollar He could be right once Crypto money as becomes more acceptable.

Biden needs to put a halt to the virus scare. Biden is a liar with no sense of economies He dropped out of his first Presidential campaigning 1987 after being caught plagiarizing others’ speeches, and ying about his education. He told huge whoppers like he’d been arrested along-side Nelson Mandela in South Africa in the 1970s. He even had his decades wrong, Mandela was arrested in the 60s. Biden had to admit to these lies, and withdrawal from that election. That doesn’t mean he stopped lying to get his way. Biden has already been caught in another whooper since beginning his Presidency. To deny Trump’s miracle accomplishment, Biden claimed he didn’t inherit a vaccine from Trump. It must have been his dementia which allowed his to forget he’d already had both shots of the vaccine by his inauguration, Naturally, the hypocrite Harris hustled right in there to get her “Trump” vaccination after claiming on national television she wouldn’t take anything developed by Trump. Hell of a heroic stand there, Harris .Those in the Oval office don’t appear trustworthy

Dumbocrats needed the virus to defeat Trump, and win the election. Biden needs to listen to real economists, not the ones in his demented mind. Open up the economy, keep the stimulus money to save the dollar and the debt.

Biden also needs to grow some balls, and stand-up to the teachers’ union. The science, the CDC, claims schools are safe. If teachersdon’t want to work, do a Reagan. Dissolve their union and fire them like Reagan did with the air-traffic controllers. Make the schools “School choice”, and give the parents back their education taxes by way of education vouchers they can use to pay private schools that are open and safe. That way the money follows the students to private schools, not the teachers. Get the kids back to school, and their parents back to work.

Trump created the vaccine, so get it out there by using the private sector to do it efficiently. The government only screws thing s up, hence, the name Dumbocrats. Quit trying to blame Trump. Give him credit. He put America and Americans first. Bidenomics will put Americans and their economy last.

If we need final proof that America needs to open up versus more stimulus. Look at the economies of the states that didn’t shut down compared to the ones that did. They’re doing fine.

The real goal of Biden’s stimulus plan is part of Dumbocrats’ agenda to redistribute wealth. He gives everyone stimulus checks, He taxes the rich to pay for it; redistributing wealth. This does nothing for the economy, but partially satisfies the socialists who got him elected.

There is one stimulus plan that would help the economy, and restart growth. Open the economy, with Trump’s payroll protection program to keep small business open, paying their workers. This plan must be reworked without government distribution, of it will fail again. This still increases the national debt, but at least the economy will be working.s

Bidenomics will be a disastrous failure for American, because he insists on putting Americans last. Look at the open border policy where illegals get precedence over Americans. Illegals get the vaccine over elderly Americans? The hope is that Biden doesn’t last long. His brain never made the trip.