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Science has proven that teleportation as seen in Star Trek is beyond our capabilities and even the laws of physics. You can’t simply zip a person instantly from one place to another. One possible theory is presented in The Soul Cage series, where a person is scanned, disintegrated, their molecular relationships recorded, and then sent to another location to be replicated using a particle reservoir. So what you’d end up with is a replica of the person with the original person being killed. The moral implications of this are what inspired me to write The Soul Cage series.

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Some people have questioned Zeph’s statement in Second Chance that we exist on infinite planes facing an infinite number of circumstances. That if we die in this reality, we live on in another reality. Isn’t this all a bunch of malarkey and wishful thinking?

Quantum physics says no—to a point. Quantum physics has proven that particles can exist in two places at once. Furthermore, nothing exists until it is observed or measured by someone or something. Some scientists believe that what holds for particles also holds for massive objects like worlds or even universes.

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One of the questions burning in Jack Bucher’s adolescent mind in Second Chance was if God really exists. Why does God allow the poverty, suffering, and evil to continue that he sees around him? This is a question that has always intrigued me as well. So I was captivated when I caught part of Through the Wormhole hosted by Morgan Freemam on the Science Channel asking some of these same questions.

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