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On this memorial day of 2020, I would like to honor the true heroes for which this day was given, the American war casualties of war whom seem to have been forgotten during this pandemic. In this nation’s great history a total of 2,852,801 Americans have died in her wars or approximately 3% of the population. These are Americans that were torn from their lives either by the war itself, in the case of the Revolutionary and Civil War, or by the draft.

So on this May day of 2020, let’s not forget to honor those who truly sacrificed their everything for their country as opposed to those “Front-line” workers who dared an illness, which has a mortality rate of .026%, to do a job for which they were paid.

To my friends and relatives who have sacrificed for the love of their country, I salute you today. I do not honor the uneducated bus driver or grocery cashier who can’t even return the correct change, since they have sacrificed nothing. Let’s keep our perspective Americans. Few of these “Front-line” workers would be here, much less have a job if it weren’t for the war heroes who sacrificed for this country before them. What really sets the military heroes apart from their "front-line counter parts is the fact that after a hard day trudging through the foreign forests, jungles, and deserts, the soldiers didn't have the option of going home to see their loved ones without the threat of being jailed or shot for desertion. They had to stay and endure the horrors of war for the duration.