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The following is aa letter I sent to my Michigan State Representative to have our Governor recalled.
Dear Representative;

I’m a resident of Washtenaw County. I’m writing you to represent us against the unconstitutional executive orders of Governor Whitmer who is governing by inducing fear in a time when Michiganders are already frightened. She appears to be doing so for her own political bid for TV time and the Vice Presidency. It seems to be all personal at the expense of the people of Michigan.

I didn’t vote for Whitmer. It was obvious she was running on a platform that was a lie. She was going to “fix the damn roads.” Rick Snyder tried for four years to fix the roads, but was unable to get the funding. Whitmer had no plan to fix the roads, and still doesn’t. With everyone at home now, there’s no one on the roads. Why isn’t she fixing the damn roads?

Similar to fixing the roads, Whitmer ordered everyone home without a plan. She closed the schools without a plan. Now you have a million Michiganders out of work, and an unemployment filing system that doesn’t work. You have millions of kids at home without the benefit of education, structure, or food, because there is no in-home education system in place. The social-economic disparities for people of color are even more pronounced when school was cancelled without a plan. The wealthier counties may have access to computers and internet for all their students, but urban Detroit, does not. How are those that need the education the most supposed to get it? Are all the children just going to be passed without the skills for future education? Whitmer is denying millions a fair chance at their future.

What’s Whitmer’s plan for adjusting for the loss of state income when there’s no one working to pay income taxes?

My biggest problem is that Whitmer’s decisions make no sense. Marijuana smoking and alcohol drinking have been proven to be unhealthy, and yet the Governor has declared both essential to life. How is buying a lotto ticket essential when buying plant seeds for gardening is not? How did picking fights with President Trump help Michiganders? Or was that just the quickest way to get national exposure?

Finally, Whitmer is great at providing the terrifying figures of contagion and death. Where’s the daily figures on recoveries? Is hope not an option?

No doubt you’re receiving many of these emails and letters, since there’s already a petition on Facebook to recall Whitmer with 300,000 signatures. That’s a significant portion of Michiganders that want to see Whitmer recalled. The question is; what are you going to do? Recall Whitmer!