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The phrase “fake news” first came to the public forefront during the 2016 Presidential election. I recall it first being used by candidate Trump, but it soon became a phrase dominating journalism. I figured I’d thrown in my two cents, since it seems a worthy blog topic.

When researching false news in politics, one will discover its organs go back a century. This isn’t surprising, since most politicians are lawyers. Lawyers excel at expressing falsehoods for their personal gain. They lie like the snakes they are.

I first questioned Trump’s constant usage of the fake news response, since I didn’t know, or trust, any candidate at the time. Then I began to look at the motivation of the origins behind the news, and it seemed that Trump was correct. His opposition wasn’t above slinging some dirt. But I noticed something else. Trump never responded to these questionable items. Any subject or accusation he wished to avoid, became “fake news”. I still questioned the origins of these bogus tidbits. The majority are made against Trump, favoring his opposition. The problem being that once it is read in a newspaper, it is considered fact.

A second possibility occurred to me recently. What if Trump is creating the falsehoods to muddy the waters and direct attention away from what he’s really doing? Or better yet, what if soviet spy, Mike Pence is trying to get Trump impeached so he can take over?