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Jack Espinoza forms a brother-like bond with his teammates as they strive to win the 1939 Michigan State football championship. It is an unbreakable bond the U, S. Army Eighth Air Force uses to sell War Bonds by writing the story of the team going to England to crew a B-17 bomber during the strategic bombing of Axis forces in occupied Europe during World War Two.

Jack’s teammates are mere farm boys in their late teens. Their only experience is pushing a plow and squeezing the teat of milking cows. Jack is the sole team member with a violent past and worldly attitudes after having fought in urban gang wars. His teammates look to him for courage and leadership when confronted with the horror of war and the morale confusion of bombing civilians. Jack has enough experience to realize he requires a purpose to make his life worthwhile. He decides his purpose is to adhere to the team and its motto Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).

This historical fiction has yet to be completed, but the initial chapters are available by reading previous blogs.