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In 429, at the age of seventeen, Saint Joan of Arc not only consulted with the French Army, she fought with them to drive the English from France. She wore heavy armor, fought on horseback, and was wounded twice. She was later burned at the stake for heresy and cross dressing. The cross dressing was a farce, as was her trial. She was needed to wear a belt to hold up her pants. The Greeks were so impressed by the archery and horsemanship of a tribe of all female warriors from the Dead Sera area, it inspired them to create the myths of the Amazon women. During the Second World War, there are countless stories of female heroics in battle conditions.

There is an ongoing debate whether women should be required to register for a military conscription (draft). I don’t see the problem. Women have been fighting in the military throughout history, why stop them now? If women want to fight in battle, let’em exert their God-given right of the free will to choose, and fight.

The problem I see isn’t with women, it’s with the today’s generation of 17-19 year olds. They aren’t mentally equipped to go to war.

The generation of teens who fought World War Two, “the greatest generation”, was a generation of hard-working farmers. They were raised by the veterans of the Great War. They’d lived through the Great Depression. Most teens today couldn’t describe the Great Depression. The teens of the 1940s were tough. Today’s teens are defined by ADHD. How’s the military going to train them? Are we going to have medication timeouts?

I have two nephews between the age of seventeen and nineteen. They’ve spent so much time watching television and playing video games, they can’t hold an adult conversation, much less date a girl. They barely graduated from high school, and have no understanding of morals or the value of human life. One still carries his baby blanket around the house. These aren’t the teens to defend our nation or even waste the money trying to train.

So I’m all for an all-gender conscription, we just better have a damn-good qualification or screening process to determine who to trust with an automatic weapon before we waste money trying to train them. The futuristic days of robotic warfare, or the elimination of war altogether doesn’t sound too bad right now.