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It appears that both sides of the government are so bent on getting their way during this shut down that neither side is considering all the alternative solutions to the problem of border security. No one is considering the source of the problem; the immigrants themselves. Seems to me that if you remove the reasons everyone wants into this country, they’ll quit trying to get in. Take away all the free stuff like welfare and medical care. If immigrants want into the country, hand them a shovel. Put them to work rebuilding our aging infrastructure public works.

I’ve lived in Mexico City for six years. It wasn’t my option to live there, I hated it, and I kissed the ground the moment we de-boarded the airplane upon our return to the States. In the seventies, when there were a recorded twelve-million people crammed into that Mexican valley, and it was rated as having pollution as bad as Tokyo’s, Mexico City was the smelly armpit of the World. It is understandable why they want out. Their government is so inept and corrupt, it is unlikely life will improve there during our lifetime. The Mexicans I knew weren’t afraid to work. They just required an education and training. Unfortunately, most that worked for us couldn’t be trusted. They were well paid, worked hard, but needed constant supervision. They robbed us at every opportunity. Most were very vocal regarding their hatred of foreigners as well. They didn’t want us in their country any more than we want them in ours. Their only interest in Americans is the tourist money
Mitch Daniels, the president of Purdue University, came up with a creative solution to students repaying student loans. Students sign a commitment to pay back their loans from their jobs upon graduation.
A similar solution to the border problem might be to set up work camps where immigrants are policed from job to job for until they pass citizenship. Let them work off their housing, utility bills, taxes, and non-essentials until they can become citizens. We’d still have a massive policing problem, and people crying about civil rights, but it’s an option.

Another option is simply phasing out welfare. Welfare and public assistance is a 1930s, Depression-era program created by Democrat F.D. R. to assist the millions of homeless and unemployed. It was meant to be temporary. It should have been phased out during the Second World War when the economy was at full capacity and employment, but nobody had the balls to do it. Now so many people depend on public assistance, and have for generations, that you’ll never get rid of welfare, especially when immigrants are flowing in searching for their free ride.

Someone in government needs to get their head out of their ass and come up with solutions. A wall isn’t going to stop diddly squat. People will still find a way in, because crooks can still make money to get them in.

Why not give the people who want the immigrants in our country the opportunity to adopt and support them. I don’t see many people, organizations, or even relatives lining up on our side of the border to take in these illegals. Let the people against the wall put up their own money to care for these families. I’m already paying thirty cents of every dollar I make to live in this country. I’m fine with that. I’m not fine with supporting every “unfortunate” in the World. I already donate all I care to give to the charities I wish. Call me whatever you want, but that’s my right as an American citizen to express my opinion. I’ve earned and paid for that right.

One opinion I don’t respect is that of freshman Representative. Rashida Tlaib who announced to her eight-year-old son upon being sworn into office that they were going to impeach that “mother f-cker.” Get an education. The Presidential impeachment process goes through the Senate which is run by the Republicans. They aren’t going to impeach Trump, and I question the material Muslims teach their children. Impeachment isn’t a viable option. Ejection of uneducated representatives with their own agenda of personal reform is a better alternative.