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The 2016 Presidential campaign was a difficult one for most Americans. The main problem stemmed from the candidates. It was a matter of deciding who the worse to direct a struggling America forward. It wasn’t a matter of choosing the best candidate, but who was the worst. The next problem stemmed from the media. They laughed that Trump was even running. How could Trump, a non-politician, possibly win? Trying to make Trump out as a joke was the media’s mistake. Laughing at Trump, creating an aura of mistrust around him was trending and sold the news. The media and even late-night comedians rallied against Trump, because it was popular. When Trump was the media and their analysists who ended up looking like a joke. No one looked worse than the Democrats and the Clintons. How could they lose to someone all the media, the analysists and late-night hosts had made out to be a buffoon? It was an embarrassing loss that would go down in the history books.

In retaliation for their embarrassment, the media has continued with their campaign of creating mistrust around Trump by spreading “fake news”, and then adding speculation onto their fake news stories to sell it. The media takes a story like Trump’s reaction to white supremacists in North Carolina. And it’s OMG, Trump didn’t condemn them harsh enough. Then they add the speculation, OMG Trump is a white supremacists who hates African Americans. The media is taking a simple story and building it into something that sells news while making Trump look bad. If anything the media is helping destabilize America by speculating falsehoods onto sensitive stories that run through social media.

A similar story the media blew out of proportion is the domestic abuse accusations of top-aide Rob Porter. “ONG: Trump’s top aide is accused of beating two wives. Then the speculative story OMG. How long has Trump known? He must condone domestic abuse. More speculation OMG: Porter could have been black mailed into giving away state secrets. OMG: We can’t trust Trump, because the Russians helped get him elected. What trump is guilty of are his poor reactions to sensitive stories, and his method of delivery: Twitter. Plus, the man just doesn’t know when to shut up.

The story of Russian interference with our election is overblown to sow mistrust and destabilize Trump. The real story is that the Cold War never ended. Putin is an ex-KGB who’d like nothing better than to see America in ruin. Putin put together and disseminated a clever propaganda campaign that he knew an American public, who believe tabloid trash without question, would spread on social media affecting American opinion. Putin just gave America the news their own media was spreading, and Americans ate it up before spreading it on social media. They’ll never prove Putin and trump conspired to win the 2016 election. Putin didn’t need to do anything. Americans had enough of the weak-kneed Democrats who’d given away America, and the public had seen how the Clintons couldn’t be trusted. No wonder Trump was so confident of victory
Next time you see a story condemning Trump on the news, look for the real facts. Are they real, or are the media’s speculation on what happened? In other words: Is it fake news? Even I’ll agree that trump is a scary loose cannon, but we did vote him as President, and
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