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Following the shooting in Las Vegas, there was the natural search for a motive. My wife had it best when she put it simply: “The man was crazy. There isn’t a cure or understanding crazy.”
I wasn’t surprised to see the call for gun control again. I had to add a qualifier to my wife’s “no cure for crazy.” There’s no stopping crazy, either. You could destroy every gun and bullet in existence. People will still find ways to kill each other, especially crazy people. Mankind is wired to find solutions for doing what they want. People enjoy killing each other. History has proven that. The Boston Marathon Killers didn’t need guns. Taking away all the guns will just make it harder to kill the crazy people with new weapons of their own design. Gun control would reduce the deterrents and our protection.
I have no problems with control of the devices that made this killer’s weapons so lethal, but elimination of guns is about as unrealistic as hoping mankind will stop murdering each other. You want a solution? Change human nature, or wait till global warming fries us all.
On a side note. If NFL players want to make a visible protest against the flag and their country, why not dye their hair some highly obnoxious and visible and color. Then they could protest 24/7, and prove their true conviction.