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I’m not a religious person. Religion is for those who fear death or wish to ease their mind of guilt. These chose to think all their sins will be forgiven if they believe in Jesus. What a load of crap! You have to live the life to prove your worthiness. It doesn’t help just to say the words. I gave up worrying about my death years ago. It’s an unworthy waste of energy. Everyone dies. The real worry is ensuring you live your life as best you can while you’re alive. Nor am I suspicious person. I do, however, believe in karma; that whatever comes arounds goes around, or whatever goes around comes around. I believe that, because I’ve seen the proof.
Back in 2013, my elderly mother took too many valium. She fell off the toilet, and broke her neck. She required 24-hour caregivers when she returned home from the hospital. Although she could walk, she refused to do rehab. She never fully recovered. My mother had a vengeful, spiteful personality. She believed everyone should serve her. It was difficult to find caregivers who could tolerate her. One caregiver, Ann, found the solution. Ann showed up every night with a bottle of vodka. They got drunk. I protested that this was wrong. Family members and other caregivers argued to let it go. My mother was never going to recover; why not let her die happy? I still rebelled against such a belief, but I let it go.
I n March, 2015, we noticed checks written out to Ann for over $27,000. Obviously, Ann was taking advantage of my mother. This was when karma arrived to dispense justice. My mother tried to get her money back. Before she could, Ann was viciously murdered and mutilated by her boyfriend. I never heard the motive. I’ve always believed that what comes around, goes around or vise-versa.
I guess I’ll see if this is true. My mother finally passed in May, 2017. We’ve discovered númerous suspicious transactions in her finances, and property missing from her house while doing inventory of her estate. It appears Ann wasn’t the only thief. filed police reports, but I hope karma protects the dead. Jesus doesn’t absolve all sins, and since I’m not a religious person, nor am I too forgiving. Have at it karma!