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LeThis is the synopsis of a novel I recently finished. Look for it soon

Leilani Kupua, a powerful priestess of the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i, and her business partner, Joseph Harding, are fighting the tourists clogging Front Street in Lahaina, Maui, as they make their way to the Bank to explain why their dive boat loan is past due. Leilani’s thrilled to note that the mysterious sixteenth-century schooner, the Lilith, has anchored in the Pailolo channel again. She’s been obsessed with the Lilith and its captain since she her childhood on Moloka’i. She and Joe don’t get far when Joe halts Leilani. Joe’s a severely scared Vietnam vet who spots the mysterious captain of the Lilith a few blocks ahead of them. Joe is afraid of no man, or even death, but he has an illogical fear of dogs. Prancing at the captain’s side, without a leash, is a wolf-like husky. Leilani loves dogs, and wants to pet the husky. She drags her highly volatile partner in pursuit of the captain, since they appear on their way to the bank, too. Joe will go no further when they round the corner to find the dog sitting before the bank entrance. A sorted confrontation results when the husky spots Leilani, and rushes to greet her like a long-lost friend. Dutch Captain Rutger Vogel introduces himself while showing an interest in Leilani before inviting the couple to dinner aboard the Lilith. Leilani recognizes the captain’s name as the recluse author/multi-media millionaire who hides out on his schooner. During their dinner Leilani begins to understand why she has so many mysterious feelings about the Lilith, her captain, crew, and even its mascot, the lovable husky, Skye. She believes she’s lived aboard this ghost ship in the past, but has no recollection of it in this life. Joe makes his excuses to wander the ship to search for Vogel’s hidden riches, but discovers not all the Lilith’s passengers are of this dimension. Vogel eventually explains to Leilani not only why she feels such a close kinship to him, the Lilith, and her crew, but that he once committed a crime so heinous God cursed him, the Lilith, her crew, and even his dog to forever sail the seas until such time that he finds a soul who loves him enough to sacrifice herself for him. To find such a soul, Vogel is only allowed to set foot on land for a one-month period every seven years. The month is ticking down while Leilani struggles with her memories, and growing love for Vogel. When a massive typhoon begins to take the Lilith out to the open ocean for another seven years, Leilani is forced to decide whether to follow her heart, or if sacrificing herself will make her final life worthy.