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Is teleportation possible? Quantum mechanics says it is, and it happens all the time, but on a subatomic level. But what about with things as large as people?

Science has proven that teleportation as seen in Star Trek is beyond our capabilities and even the laws of physics. You can’t simply zip a person instantly from one place to another. One possible theory is presented in The Soul Cage series, where a person is scanned, disintegrated, their molecular relationships recorded, and then sent to another location to be replicated using a particle reservoir. So what you’d end up with is a replica of the person with the original person being killed. The moral implications of this are what inspired me to write The Soul Cage series.

Yet this theory may prove impossible, even if we had the technology. Apparently, the more closely you examine a molecular relationship, the more it’s disrupted, until it gets to the point that you can’t scan it enough to create an exact duplicate. But don’t give up hope. Scientists have recently found a way to partially scan a particle and transfer that information to another particle so it takes on the characteristics of the original. In essence, this is pure teleportation without destroying the original particle. But will Scotty be able to beam us up anytime soon? Probably not in our lifetimes. But think of the implications of that kind of teleportation working. You would have the original person in one place, and their exact double in another. And the more you teleported the person, the more of them you’d have. Essentially we’re talking immortality, but isn’t the combination of science and fiction fun?