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Some people have questioned Zeph’s statement in Second Chance that we exist on infinite planes facing an infinite number of circumstances. That if we die in this reality, we live on in another reality. Isn’t this all a bunch of malarkey and wishful thinking?

Quantum physics says no—to a point. Quantum physics has proven that particles can exist in two places at once. Furthermore, nothing exists until it is observed or measured by someone or something. Some scientists believe that what holds for particles also holds for massive objects like worlds or even universes. If you follow this line of thinking on a scale to infinity, than there are an infinite number of universes where an infinite number of things can and do happen. Theoretically, you can slip on ice and break your tailbone on this world, but in another world you managed to keep your balance and continued your walk unhurt. In another world, something didn’t kill off the dinosaurs and they still reign supreme—maybe even having evolved high intelligence by now. Other worlds might only speak German, Italian, and Japanese after the Axis powers won World War II. Or maybe something stayed the hand of James Earl Ray and he never took the shot that killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

That’s the great thing about imagination and fiction writing. Anything you can imagine has probably happened or will happen sometime, somewhere. Why not have fun with the possibilities?