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What’s Next?

Obama’s Chief of Stall. Rahim Emanuel said it best: “Democrats never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Obama’s puppet. Biden, certainly hasn’t. Biden ran his campaign on the claim that he’d handle the pandemic. He has failed miserable, despite the fact that Trump gave him three effective vaccines before leaving office. These vaccines could not have been developed under Biden who claimed he wouldn’t take a Trump vaccine, but was the first to get it once it was it. More people died in 2021 with Biden in office than died in 2020 under Trump. Nothing spells failure better than true facts. Trump once said about the virus that: “The solution must not be worse than the problem.”

Somehow Biden has made the solution as bad as the virus. The virus remains, but thanks to Biden’s mandates (not laws) our front-line” heroes are losing their jobs, and our economy is in the crapper. Biden hasn’t tried to make his mandates laws, or put them in written form, because he knows they’re unconstitutional, and wouldn’t be allowed. Thanks to proper thinking by Governors like Ron Sesantos of Florida and herd immunity, the virus is running its course and dying out until the next season. Hopefully, we’ll be more prepare by then. In the meantime, the Democrats have showed their hand by using this crisis to gain power and take away our individual freedoms. Biden recently said: “This is not about individual freedom of choice. Get vaccinated!” Having shown their hand to Americans, Democrats are unlikely to win the next election unless there is another crisis where they can remove more freedoms. Biden began speaking of this crisis during his election, and has already begun disbursing his lies in attempts to destroy American freedoms and lives. The Democrats new crisis is global warming where Americans must change their very lifestyles from how and where they work to what they drive and eat. Were you aware that cow flatulence (farts) could lead to the end of the world, and we must stop eating them? If that’s true, what is Biden doin abut the 1.7 million illegal aliens crossing our border? Many of them survive on an inexpensive diet of beans. They must be putting up a substantial methane cloud.

Biden claims we must stop all carbon emissions to slow climate change He wants to go all electric, but how is electricity produced? It’s done through burning coal; increasing carbon emissions. Shut down the coal-burning electrical plants, and you have no electricity, unless you go with nuclear =power plants. No one wants to live near a nuclear power plant. Even if we start now, it’ll take decades to switch over to nuclear power. It takes fifteen to twenty years at a cost of fifteen-billion dollars to build a nuclear-power plant. Imagine trying to build such a plant for every major metropolitan area in the United States. The United States aren’t the greatest enemies to the environment. China and India are significant contributors with China being the worst. Is Biden calling out for China to bear their share of the burden? Are the Chinese paying the high price for gasoline and heating this winter? Hell no. The Chinese bought out Biden. He’s not going say “boo”.

There is also the question of if the warming temperatures are the result of human consumption. Let’s look at this logically. Even the dullest high-school drop-out knows there was an ice age when mastodons and saber-tooth tigers roamed the earth. That same drop-out can look out his window and see an ice-free environment. What happened? Something must have melted that 10,000 feet thick ice. The logical reason is that the Earth got warm again. How did this happen when there was no industrial revolution or human involvement to cause global warming? The logical conclusion is that mankind’s existence is not the only cause for the increase in temperature. Something more natural is causing global warming, and it has been happening since the formation of the planet. Since we have ice ages, and now a warm age. It’s logical to assume that these changes are part of the normal progression for the planet. Our carbon emissions may hurt the ozone, trapping in heat, but stopping carbon emissions in the United States isn’t going to do squat to stop global warming, because global warming is caused by the Earth’s solar orbit and axial tilt.

One only has to look at the change in seasons to realize why the earth is growing warmer. The earth is orbiting the sun, giving us seasons. It spins in that orbit That’s why we have a night and day. We have seasons, because the Earth tilts on its axis, causing the different hemispheres, halves, to be warmer and colder at different times of the year when those halves point toward the sun, leaving the other half in the dark, pointing away from the sun.

In an effect called Milankovitch cycles, the Earth’s solar orbit and tilts combine to cause earth to freeze and warm. The last ice age is believed to have lasted 450-million years, and ended only about ten-thousand years ago. My guess is that this heat wave will las t a while longer, and it may get hotter. This is only an educated guess of a writer. If I’m correct, then there is nothing Biden can do to slow or stop global warming, because he cannot effect earth’s orbt. Try to get the Demovrats to admit this They eon’t, because they believe ib power through fear. There is nothing from stopping him from using fear and lies of global warming to remove American freedoms.

I heard something this week I found to be very true. “The intelligent learn through education and experience. The unintelligent learn through pain.” Are you 81-millionBiden voters feeling the pain yet?

I’ll finish with the most amusing thing I’ve heard in ten months: “Let’s go Brandon!”