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For those who voted for, and support the policies of creepy sleepy Biden, you need not read this blog, because you obviously knew what you were doing, and prepared in advance for the devastating effects of his weak leadership. Beijing Biden is a puppet being used by the progressives and China to destroy America. Just seeing Biden’s lack of a Presidential campaign should have been enough to warn voters that Biden wasn’t fit for office. Then he warned us that he was going to take away guns, raise taxes, and allow in the immigrants. Biden being a Democrat, like Obama, should have told everyone he was going to throw taxpayer’s money at everything. You, the voter, obviously knew this when you voted Biden into office. Being the smart person that you are, you probably turned your cash into gold or silver when Biden flooded the economy with cash, devaluing the dollar. Intelligent investor that you are, you’re probably looking at real estate for more stable long-term investments now that inflation is running wild, and Biden’s unemployment policies are ruining the economy. The terrible thing about Biden is that all he needed to do was stay in his basement, doing nothing. The country, our borders, and the economy would have been fine. Instead, he really thinks he can play President, and make a positive difference. Biden/Pelosi’s hatred for Trump is really so great, they’d rather destroy the country by undoing his successful policies.

I voted for the “other guy. Having an education in economics, I foresaw the inflation and eventual higher interest rates. Back in March, I blogged about the evils of Bidenomics. I began moving our finances around to more secure and productive investments
One thing I didn’t foresee from Biden’s lack of a spine was the Russian cyber hacking of our infrastructure, and Biden doing nothing to stop it. That G-7 meeting with Putin was an embarrassment. Biden came away saying that he gave Putin sixteen places the Russian weren’t allowed to hack, otherwise there’d be trouble. Oh, my, what a threat Putin came away shaken. My guess is that the cyberattacks will continue. My biggest fear is when they take out our electrical grid, leaving us in the dark and defenseless. How many Democrats are prepared to live in the dark? We live in the country where we can grow our own food, shoot our own deer, turkey, and ducks. We have a household generator to supply water and sewage. What’s urban America going to do if cyberattacks take out our electricity? Think about it. No more water, gas stations, bank machines, or grocery stores. Where will you go for medical care? I feel fortunate my son’s engaged to an emergency room surgeon. I have to ask. Why did you vote for Joe Biden? Somebody did, and has to take responsibility. Didn’t like Trump’s tweets and abrasive personality? Oh, boo-who.

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