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China wasn’t always an enemy of the United States. In the 1800s, the U.S. and other countries tried to develop trade relations with their massive market. As recently as 1912, the citizens of the United States bought 1.6 trillion dollars in gold-backed bonds from the Republic of China to support their post-1911 revolutionary government who was hiding out on Taiwan. Americans did this, because Americans assist countries in need although it is never reciprocated.

In 1939-1940 we protested the Japanese invasion of China by placing sanctions on Japan for the raw materials they needed for their war efforts like oil, rubber, and steel. This led to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, and the onset of the war in the Pacific against Japan which included military assistance to China. During the war, the United States provided China with direct military support, including volunteer groups like the Flying Tigers to protect their people against a vastly superior military power.

It wasn’t until 1949 that the communist party took over China. The $1.6 trillion was a sovereign debt still recognized by the World’s financial markets as owed by the Chinese government. The Chinese still recognized it as a debt owed. In 1987, England’s Margaret Thatcher demanded payment on the Republic of China bonds the British bought, and received 23.5 million pounds after threatening restrictions on China’s access to the British financial markets. Having recognized and paid part of the debt, but not all, places the Chinese in default.

It was in 1950 when communist China became our enemy by backing the North Korean invasion of South Korea, our ally, in a three-year war that cost as many as 34,000 American lives. They continue to back our aggressive enemies in North Korea, and it’s apparent they want World domination by destroying the United States with bio-weapons, and paying off our weak politicians to do their biddings.

Not all American have dismissed the debt, or wish to think of China as our ally after releasing bio-weapons on the World. In August, 2020, Martha McSally(R-Arizona) introduced a bill, co-sponsored by Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) demanding payment of the bonds .plus accumulated interest. My math ain’t great, and interest rates have been all over in the last century, from 2.9% for war bonds in the 1940s, to nearly 20% in the mid-1980s. My conservative estimate of the value of $1.6 trillion over 108-years could be as high as $8-9trillion.Even at 1% today’s value of that $1.6 trillion after 108-years is close to five trillion. This is many times the “stimulus” bill that Biden is pushing through to help the Americans he recognizes as struggling. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Printing money raises inflation, and lowers the value of the dollar. Let’s get back what we’re owed from our enemies before we screw over the future of our children. Trump recognized China as an enemy, and punished their trade. Biden took China’s payoffs, and is a security risk. Biden has already placed our national security at risk by giving foreign powers access to our power grid when he revoked Trump’s executive order to protect our power grid from foreign enemies like China. Biden’s reversal means Chinese software or parts could take out our power grid, leaving us in the dark and defenseless. An even greater security risk is opening the southern borders to millions of illegal, Covid-carrying aliens, who will overwhelm our system and rob more American jobs. While Trump’s mantra was MAGA through jobs and a strong economy. Biden’s seems to be MAS: Make America second through a series of illogical executive decisions aimed at destroying the economy, American unity, and energy independence. He seems too want to please our enemies while penalizing the seventy-four-million Trump supporters by making them pay for his destructive policies.

My main question to Babbling Biden and the Harris administration who claim they want to help the American people is: Are you going to help the millions of struggling Americans by demanding the repayment of China’s debt to distribute to Americans, or are you going to dishonor the death of American soldiers, the half-million American China-virus deaths, and hard-working American workers by pandering to your Chinese bosses who have bought you off? You might want to check with Hunter. He has a direct line to the Bank of China. Who am I kidding? Biden is going to bend over and spread America’s cheeks for the Chinese. I just thought Americans should realize the debt is out there, while Biden continues to print up money, and spend it rather than collecting century -old debts from our enemies. One more question: Who has been running the country while dictator Bien sits at a desk for days, signing his forty-plus executive orders as if getting them all signed is an emergency while the country struggles to get open again? How is letting transgender boys onto the girl’s track team more important than getting our schools open, and teachers back to work? How is allowing the unconstitutional second impeachment of a civilian going to unify the country? “C’mon, man,” Mr. President. I would think you need a mental evaluation if I didn’t believe you are simply a puppet about to be retired so you can live out the rest of your life on Hunter’s foreign payoffs to the “big guy” .I almost feel sorry for a life-long politician who is so vain, or stupid, that the doesn’t realize he really isn’t important, and is just being used. History will remember Biden, but will teachers teach it? God will certainly judge Biden’s killing of innocent babies by paying for abortions worldwide. I doubt most American agree with being connected to worldwide abortions without a vote, Biden might reach his goal of uniting America when nearly eighty- million Trump supporters join with the 49% of Americans who are pro-life and the millions of outraged American taxpayers see their money and security being flushed down the toilet. It ain’t going to be a pretty union, and it’s going to get worse when Harris takes over with her condescending attitude. The facts don’t change or cease to exist because you don’t know or choose to ignore them, Mr. President. You wanted the top chair, now put on your big -boy pants, and face up to the responsibility to the American people. Call in china’s debt!