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The Greatest Gift

For 2.4 billion Christians the greatest gift this Christmas is the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the source of the faith and the strength in their lives. Their faith in Jesus and their Lord is what keeps many going in these trying times when the world around them seems to be failing. These are times when reliance on oneself is no longer enough, because so much has been taken away by power-hungry Governors. For many right now, the greatest gift would be having a job. We need to re-open the economy. Trump was right about one thing: We can’t make the cure worse than the disease. Reopen the economy, and get back to work. We need to follow the science, and toss aside the errant judgement of Doctor Flip-flop Fauci, who admits he doesn’t know what’s going on, and has been wrong about all his advice. Last January, he claimed this disease wasn’t anything to worry about for most Americans. Wrong! Then it was wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Make up your mind. Did you notice his sadistic smile when he delivers bad news? He appears like the Grinch when he says stay home for Christmas. The science says this illness does not spread in the restaurants and small business, but at home. It has a 99.97% survivability rate. Lock downs don’t work. People are committing suicide. Our children are falling behind in their schoolwork.

A job can’t replace one’s faith in God, but a paying job restores one’s faith in their ability to control the crazy world in which they live. Having a job, renews one’s confidence and pride. Receiving that paycheck leaves one with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Americans don’t want to have everything taken from them. They don’t want to be paid to sit at home, waiting for their government check. Most American want to work for their pay. Americans were raised on the idea that if one worked hard enough, one could achieve their dreams. To have one’s job taken away by mindless bureaucrats who would control citizens by sending them government money is not the American dream for most. The great American innovators and inventors did not sit around waiting for handouts. They understood they had to fulfill their own dreams. I say most Americans, because I know there are other Americans who would prefer not to work. They have no pride. They would prefer to live off the work of others. Some of these people are this way through no fault of their own due to real disability or illness. Others are simply lazy. They’d rather steal from the system or rob others.

I have in-laws and siblings who lie, cheat, and steal from their own family members rather than work. These same siblings and in-laws committed elderly abuse against the parents who cared for them to receive their inheritance earlier. Most Americans are not like my siblings and in-laws, who are sick and immoral. I hope, and believe most Americans still believe in an honest day’s work for a paycheck. I believe this, because polls show 57% of Americans oppose socialism, because they would prefer to work rather than be taxed. Taxation without representation is what led to the American Revolution, but I guess they don’t teach that in socialist schools anymore. .Maybe they should, because I believe we’re heading for a new revolution when people say they’re fed up with government shutdowns and spending.

If politicians continue to ignore the desires of people, there might have to be another revolution. Businesses closed by Governors “following the Science” should defy orders. They can’t fine bankrupt businesses. A peaceful revolution of defiant people wanting their economy open, and their jobs back might just be what the economy needs. Screw the stimulus checks, and further debt. Our country can’t just keep printing money! Put our economy back to work. Happy and healthy 2021!