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Just to be clear, Skye Booker is our blue-eyed Siberian husky, not even a person. I’m granting her the title of President- Elect because she has as much right to the title as Babbling Biden. Joe Biden is not the President elect! The office doesn’t even exist. It’s called a transition team.

The Democratic Party and the media claim Biden won the popular vote. That hasn’t been proven to the satisfaction of fifty percent of the American population. The title of is only earned after the vote by the Electoral College, set to vote in December, 2020. President Elect is what the mainstream media want us to call that drooling idiot, because they hate Trump for calling out their bias reporting. Then, hopefully, if everyone calls Biden President Elect, their wishes will become true, and the media will have named the next President. The media does not name our Presidents any more than I do. I just felt it appropriate that Skye, a dog, has as much authority over this country’s government and the World as private-citizen, Joe Biden.

Skye is definitely better looking than Biden. She has more hair, is more intelligent, and unlike Biden, can talk up a storm when she wants something (without a teleprompter). These are all qualifications making her more qualified than Biden. She certainly rules this household, the neighborhood, and her yard.

Skye took the popular vote in her neighborhood by a landslide, after campaigning daily during her walks. Her communication skills are excellent and precise. She communicates with dogs through gesture, butt sniffs, and an occasional paw swipe or growl at the yeppy purse dogs that bark too much without listening. Skye never shied away from the campaign trail, or hid in the basement. Like Biden. Sky has her human handlers for communicating her wishes with humans. Her campaign platform wasn’t all that different than Biden’s … she’s liberal left, pushing for more rights and freedoms. She cried loud for a dog’s right to a daily walk, dedicated sleep times, a three-treat-a-day minimum, and a doggie pool in every yard. She has hesitantly pushed her constituents for a “no poop in the neighbor’s yard” policy. All handlers agree. They also agreed to increasing the animal-control policing budget to rid the neighborhood of stray cats and dangerous deer herds that destroy landscaping and are a traffic hazard.

I don’t foresee Syke’s Presidential future surpassing this blog. She’d refuse the Presidency, since it would be a step down from her current ruling. God forbid Biden becomes President. The country will go to the dogs. His projected policies would be disastrous. It’s as if Biden never took an economics course, or really is an idiot. America is energy independent. We don’t need other countries. They need us. Why stop oil production, and give that up? Does he really think other major oil, and coal consumers like China give a shit about the environment? China owns Biden China will own America under Biden. It is said that Biden wants to let in eleven million illegal immigrants, feed, clothe, educate, and insure them. To do this, he’s going to tax the hard -working American, who just ¬love illegals. These expenditures, and taxations destroys investment, which destroys business, when you destroy business and the taxpayers, until there is no one left to tax. No doubt Biden will fall back on what Democrats love to do. They spend money they don’t have, they end up borrowing or printing more money. Printing money lowers the value of that money. That’s kindergarten economics. A weaker dollar means higher prices on all commodities like food, gas, housing and clothes. It means inflation and more debt to pay our debt. Biden’s main concern is the fifty-percent of American who believe the election was rigged. His Presidency is illegitimate, and when he favors China, or makes all Hunter Biden’s crimes disappear, Americans will be suspicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter disappears or overdosed on crack.

I may be crying wolf at this point. Biden isn’t President. He’s a puppet. He won’t last in office his first hundred days before Harris takes over. His Presidency won't be legitimized until he addresses the election fraud to the satisfaction of seventy-four million Trump voters. Funny how he ignores the issue, and proof.

As for Skye, she doesn’t care. Her sleep time, treats, and walks are guaranteed. She already has a pool and five-acres to oversee. Her main concern are the deer herds and turkey flocks that crowd her lands, since her handlers have planned well ahead for idiots like Biden after eight disastrous years of Obama. I wonder if the Democrats who were tricked into voting for Biden might be sorry when their country is destroyed. They’d never admit it. In the immortal words of Nelson from the Simpsons they’ll just repeat : “Ha, Ha!”