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Most would agree that a good laugh can relieve pent-up stress. Most would also agree that between the virus and all the negative press regarding the election that 2020 has been a stressful year. My question is what happened to all the comedians who could provide laughter relief? At one point, I used to watch Johnny Carson after a long day. Carson was a class act with original material. It wasn’t always funny, but I enjoyed his interaction with his guests. He used the tone of a host at an adult dinner party. He rarely insulted anyone .Occasionally there were some sexual undertones which were all the more humorous because of Carson’s marital problems and famous lawsuits. I was saddened the day he retired. What followed him was a parade of incompetence. Sitcoms are dead because of the lack comedic greats like George Carlin, and Robin Williams are dead. I haven’t seen Steve Martin in ages. Seinfeld dropped out due to political correctness. The original SNL crew have disappeared or are dead. The current crew thinks the fact that Trump got COVID is a joke. That’s called irony, not humor, and it’s sick. To wish someone illness and possible death is warped. Its television I can do without. The only American comedian I enjoy today, and continue to support is Tim Allen. He’s able to produce family-friendly comedy without belittling others. Monty Python legend, John Cleese, believes in the healing power of laughter so much that he’s touring Canada and the United States spreading his humor in these tough times.

What the hell is on late-night television nowadays? Jimmy Fallon is stuck in the third grade. He plays games of his childish invention with his guests, and seems to delight in their loss or embarrassment when other adults don’t understand his games.

Fallon’s childishness is not the only reason I no longer watch his show. I’m proud to be America. I thank the Good Lord every day that I live in this great country where I’m free to do and grow as I please. Most American s take the luxuries afforded to them in this country for granted. They have good roads and new cars. Americans enjoy clean food and water, a good health system. I’ve seen the crap outside these borders. Fallon is not a patriot. I wonder why he lives in this country. His nightly monologues, night after night, are based on insulting jokes aimed at this country’s President. Who writes your shit? These monologues have all the humor, maturity and originality of arm-pit farts. My guess is that Fallon is like the NBC’s newscasters, a whore to the network that pays his $12 million salary. Hardly, a worthy salary for the crap he puts out. Fallon is just the beginning of the station’s bashing parade. Then we have to endure Seth Myers, another immature teenager with nothing but insults about the country and her President. Myers reminds me of the kid who was beaten up for his lunch money. Ironically, neither Fallon nor Myers seem to care that the majority of Americans are patriots who voted for Trump. They’re deliberately insulting these Americans. Neither will be remembered for their originality or wit. Don Rickles was the only comedian who could survive on insulting ridicule, but Rickles never made the mistake of insulting his country, and his humor was born from originally and an intelligent wit.

What I find even more ironic is how Trump used these late-night hosts, especially Fallon, to get elected. Fallon had Trump on his show numerous times before the 2016 election to make fun of him. This gave Trump priceless exposure while he allowed Fallon to make an ass out of himself. Who got the last laugh there, Fallon? Trump is still using you idiots. He endures the butt of your jokes while each insult only gets him more air time. God, I miss intelligent political satire like from a real comedian, George Carlin. Even Robin William’s occasional pokes at Biden’s mental deficiencies were better than what I hear today. The last political joke I laughed at was Julia Louis Dreyfus’ tweet questioning who was controlling the fly on Pence’s head during the VP debate. To that, one had to ask if the fly had an agent, and if it was going to make other appearances. If you want to see worthy humor watch the U-tube of “Weekend at Biden’s.”

I wonder if Fallon and Myers have considered their future following the election. I doubt it. They have limited imagination. If Trump wins, they’ll stay on the same stale material, no imagination. If Biden wins, they’ll have their new clown, and a ton of new material based on babbling Biden and his corruption. They’ll also see a significant reduction in their income when Biden taxes the shit out of their high salaries. Oh, and good luck on getting your kids to a doctor or orthodontist with socialized medicine. Ever wonder why the English have such bad teeth? Who gets the last laugh there? For now, I skip the news and late-night television. I would suggest patriotic Americans do the same. They have a different agenda.