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Like most Americans I’ve heard plenty in recent weeks about how black lives matter. What I haven’t heard is any realistic solutions. I hold no hatred toward any race. Life is too short to waste my energy on hatred. I’ve witnessed the hate-filled lives of my father and siblings. They led miserable lives, because they were absorbed in their hatreds, envy, and anxiety that everyone felt the same hatred toward them. My energies are spent on reaching my lifetime work goals and loving my family. That’s what brings me happiness. I do, however, hold a special animosity toward people who waste my time. Generally, that includes the ignorant and the stupid. If someone is both ignorant and stupid, I’m not going to waste time supporting their cause. By ignorant, I’m speaking about the uneducated. “Stupid” speaks for itself.

I’m going to present some facts here that the BLM people aren’t going to like, because most of them speak as if they’re uneducated. The uneducated and stupid, react to everything they don’t like with hostility, because they don’t process the ability to react rationally. BLM protesters have reacted with unlawfulness and destruction of property. That tells me they are both uneducated and stupid. Their cause will fail, because the rational will not support them. They take no responsibility for their lawlessness.

The first statement from the BLM protests that made me question the intelligence of their argument was the statement “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.” It’s not exactly a statement I recall Jesus or Martin Luther King preaching. It is a statement so contradictory and wrong it makes no sense. It is a racist statement in itself. It’s a statement produced by the ignorant and stupid. If lives can’t matter, what about the 42 million people sold into slavery through human trafficking each year for a $150 billion dollar profit? Black lives don’t even matter to themselves. The movement provides no solution to the FBI statistics of 6,676 black-on-black homicides in 2017. Blacks don’t even think their lives matter. The BLM solution is to defund the police forces fighting these crimes, so blacks don’t have to take responsibility for their crimes and go to jail. Why not use a more inclusive statement more as like Jesus preached, “All lives are holy, and have value.” What about a simple statement like: “We’re all part of the human race, let’s solve this together.” Wouldn’t that make more sense than adding racism to racism?

I also have problems with the BLM’s icon, their poster boy, George Floyd. Floyd was a convicted felon with a violent past. He did five years in a Texas jail for pushing a gun into the belly of a pregnant black woman while he and five other black assailants robbed her house. He had five other convictions for cocaine possession. Floyd’s death could have been avoided if he hadn’t resisted arrest and been high at the time. His autopsy revealed he had so much drugs in his system, he couldn’t have been rational. It reads… “In addition to fentanyl and methamphetamine, the toxicology report from the autopsy showed that Floyd also had cannabinoids in his system when he died.”

So instead of using a cultural and civil-rights leaders similar in political statue to John Lewis or Martin Luther King, who are both dead, the BLM protesters picked George Floyd as the man their followers should emulate and follow. Yes, I believe Floyd was unjustly murdered, but protesters need to be smarter than that to attract any serious followers, and evoke any change. The people who make the changes are largely white politicians, fat and lazy lawyers worried about their political career, their $223, 0000/year salaries, and lifetime pensions. The protesters need to find a living spokesperson who has the political power to create and solidify their position with a largely ineffective government. This leader must be willing to face possible political and literal suicide. This solution is difficult. Following the death of John Lewis, who is left? Barack Obama? He used his race to get himself elected, and then did nothing for blacks in return. The only thing he did for his race was throw a bunch of food stamps at the unworthy, instead of creating the jobs they need. Michele Obama, who couldn’t even improve the school lunch program? No, the Obamas had their eight years to improve the lives of their race, they didn’t do squat, and don’t appear to want to help now. They got their money. Another civil -rights leader who remains living is Rev. Jesse Jackson but he’s 76, has Parkinson’s disease, and is more preoccupied with his own health. You haven’t heard a peep out of him since this crisis started. Seems as if the intelligent, predominant blacks have no desire to get involved. Why should they? Violent destruction (unlawfulness) follows BLM protests. The intelligent blacks got their education, worked hard at their jobs to get above this mess. They have little sympathy for blacks making their lives more difficult. They have already faced, and conquered their social barriers. They’ve proved the system works for those willing to work at it instead of crying with their hands out for special treatment.

The most obvious, logical, solution to blacks not confronting racial discrimination when facing the police is to not break the law and get the police involved. They need to project the culture of a peaceful, law-abiding people. You don’t see too many complaints of the police shooting innocent Japanese or Asian Indians. It’s not that these groups don’t break the law. They don’t have the cultural stigma of violent lawbreakers like blacks.

Local police forces like Detroit and Chicago have limited resources to control violent crimes. It’s for that reason they must profile their criminals to narrow their search of suspects. They must use the crime data available to them. Back in the 1940s and 50s when racial tension was far worse, and blacks were even poorer, the black crime rate was lower. So it isn’t poverty and racism causing the increase in violent crime. Things have changed. According to the WSJ, in 2013 blacks committed 52% of all violent crimes (rapes, murders, robberies) despite being only 12% of the population. Blacks are seven to ten times as likely to commit violent crimes as whites. In 2015, 6000 blacks were killed by other blacks while 248 were shot by police. Given their limited resources, is it any wonder the police will target a black law breaker resisting arrest? Solution: Do not break the law! If you’re involved with the police, obey their commands. Do not resist arrest!

There are two other major problems BLM protesters don’t, and can’t address. In 2013, 72% of black children were born out of wedlock. They were raised by their mother without the influence of a father. There is no solution for that .Second; the Detroit population is 80% black and yet only 25% of the blacks graduate from high school, leaving them no prospect for a job. Chicago has similar graduation rates. When blacks don’t have an education or work, they turn to violence. With no education they don’t vote, or even fill out the census, because they can’t read a ballot or census form. The solution comes back to family values, and cutting blacks off welfare where black women earn more money for having more babies. How about working welfare? One black mother can babysit while the others work or go to school to earn their government assistance.

Obviously, this problem won’t get solved overnight, if ever. In the nearly sixty years since King’s “I have a dream” speech, we are still at the same problems. The solution is not defunding police.

I fall back on my suggestion that we all do this together. Black families need to trust and work with the police to end black violence, steer their youth away from guns and gangs. Similar to the parent-teacher groups P.T.A., how about parent police groups like a P.P.A. (Parent-Police Association) where parents will be held accountable for the child’s behavior if they want their assistance money.

In conclusion, I’ll say all lives matter. The solution is going to need to come from all lives, blacks, whites, government teachers, athletes, and the police. Stop these protests. They give professional anarchists a reason to shoot and kill innocent people. Stop rewarding having babies with welfare, Use that money to provide sex education and contraception. If athletes want to protest, have them provide Internet and laptops to teach low-income blacks. Hold teachers accountable for low achievement and graduation rates. Instead of defunding the police, increase federal funding for community centers, libraries, and outreach programs in low-income black neighborhoods to reach troubled teens. Get the media involved with a program inspiring black-family values to save their children, value an education, and trust the police. If black lives matter, blacks are going to put in the effort to prove it.