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The MLB owners and players have been negotiating for ten weeks on how to have a baseball season in 2020 with Covid-19. Greed on both parts stopped them from ever coming to an agreement. Now it’s too late. Covid-19 caught up with the teams still practicing in Florida and Arizona, and I don’t see the high-priced beef ever getting on the field this year for fear of the illness. Ironically, South Korea, a country that learned case ball from the Americans is playing their season without crowds or infection, but American players and owners can’t get passed their money issues. They have lost their appreciation for the game, and maybe their dreams.

There was talk of a shortened season, but what’s the point? Any post-season victory would always be surrounded by “What-ifs”. The title would never be recognized as a true title.

No, the fans have made through June without baseball (most have moved on). We can survive without a season. Cancel the 2020 MLB season. Maybe the owners and players will be more appreciative of their game in 2021 when their wallets are a little slimmer.