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King Slayer
The Rex Bana Series

King Slayer

Rex Bana is not a content man satisfied with his life’s endeavors. After witnessing his sister’s murder and killing his first man at the age of twelve, he’s devoted himself to the vigilante-style hunting of serial killers. Yet he’s constantly asking himself if the killing of killers is all there is to his life.

After a particularly brutal and deadly battle with a Kalamazoo killer, Rex gets a call from his longtime friend, Joseph Tonono, a deputy detective of the Maui County Sheriff’s Department. Joe believes there’s a serial killer loose on Maui, and requests his friend’s assistance.

On his flight to the Hawaiian paradise, Rex encounters a Hispanic runaway named Ester Gomez who could pass for his dead sister’s twin. He vows to protect Ester and help her establish a new life. Hopefully, this time he can save his “sister.”

What Rex discovers on Maui is totally out of his league. That includes Dr. Jessica Achew, the beautiful new medical examiner that put together the murder case. Rex struggles with his raw and inexperienced emotions toward Jesse as they piece together a crime ring that appears to reach even the Sheriff’s Office. Their only option to stop the murder spree seems to be a sting operation using Jesse as bait. Once again, Rex finds himself endangering something he loves. Will he always be a destroyer of life?

The sting operation ends in a climactic underwater battle that’s only a partially successful. Ester appears to have been kidnapped. As Rex confronts possibly the worst killer he’s ever faced, his life is changed forever.