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Second Chance II
The Second Chance Series

Second Chance II

In Second Chance II, twelve-year-old Jack “Butcher” Bucher struggles with many of the difficulties and frustrations of a teen growing up in the early 1970s. He faces many firsts in his life like smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancy. He’s terrified about meeting girls, calling them on the phone, and going to his first party. His parents are social alcoholics, his father an abusive egomaniac. His problems are only intensified by being a blond-haired American living in the overpopulated filth of Mexico City where corruption and hatred of Americans prevails. Yet Jack has a secret weapon. Zeph, his spirit mentor, continues to guide Jack through life’s difficulties. Zeph teaches Jack how to control his emotions, not worry about things he can’t control, and concentrate his energy towards his goals.

Zeph’s task is a difficult one as Jack deals with a deteriorating family life, an earthquake, and a Mexican terrorist attack. He helps Jack handle the depression and humiliation of being dumped by a girl and discovering that his father has a hankering for male coworkers. Despite Zeph’s advice, Jack forges his father’s signature and signs up for middle-school football. He finally gets his revenge on the bullies that torment him, and he rebels against his parents. Then Jack meets the girlfriend of his “dream” and falls in love. He battles against injuries and an abusive coach while playing freshman football. It’s on the football field, with the camaraderie of friends striving for a common goal, that Jack finds his true home.