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The Soul Cage II: The Master
The Soul Cage Series

The Soul Cage II: The Master

Burt Campbell and Penelope Preston are celebrating their first anniversary together while hiding on the Island of Hawaii. Their worst fears suddenly come true. They’ve been found. Goro Sen and his family have been kidnapped. The kidnappers demand Campbell’s return to Denver.

Upon returning alone, Campbell is taken prisoner by General Benjamin Arnold, the moon-base commander, and one of Campbell’s archenemies. Arnold reveals he’s created an army of horrible creatures using the moon-base teleporter. He wants Campbell to lead that army to conquer the world. Campbell begins his mind-altering “conditioning” as Penelope and retired security agent Koko Sinopa plan his rescue.

Then Campbell meets his ultimate horror when he interfaces with the Master, an omni-powerful existence that believes It’s the Antichrist. Penelope is captured, and becomes the Master’s pet. Campbell endures devastating hardship and torture, but he finally succumbs to Arnold’s will. He leads Arnold’s army in a climactic battle on Earth, but then becomes lost in an apocalyptic surprise no one foresaw. With death surrounding him, Campbell struggles to find and save his true love, Penelope.