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Second Chance III
The Second Chance Series

Second Chance III

Thirteen-year-old Jack “Butcher” Bucher is bruised and beaten following the Tepeyac football game, but he celebrates his achievements and the banishment of Lunatic Luna. He also struggles with his immature emotions and his inability to voice his love for Ada, the girl of his “dream.” Again, Zeph comes to Jack’s rescue and assists him in overcoming the anguish and terror of boy/girl relationships.

A new puppy comes into Jack’s life, and in an attempt to buy Jack’s love, William offers to take him on a luxurious Hawaiian vacation. Jack is wary of his father’s motivations. In the family battles that result, it becomes apparent Beth is lost in her fantasy world, and her own son sees realities more clearly. On the brighter side, Ada and Jack’s budding love begins to blossom, even though they’re facing a long summer apart.

Jack graduates from middle school with some painful goodbyes to his friends and Ada for the summer. July Fourth arrives with Jack passing more rites into manhood like learning to drive a car. Then he meets Fiasco, Mary’s new horse. The monstrous brute is meaner than the rattler that tried to mate with the garden hose. Jack comes away from the riding club experience disgusted by animal cruelty and the unjust plight of the peons versus the blue bloods.

The inevitable happens after Jack plays a real game of cops and robbers. He suffers a tragic loss. His mental torment becomes so great that Zeph intervenes and takes Jack back to experience three of his previous lives. It’s an experience that changes Jack’s life and way of thinking forever.