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The Soul Cage
The Soul Cage Series

The Soul Cage

What happens to the human soul when a person is disintegrated, killed, by a transporter in one location, and then duplicated in another location using a reservoir of particles? That’s the moral question Global Inspector Burt Campbell is asking himself while he investigates the savage murder of Dr. Jiro Yamamoto, the inventor of the first organic teleportation device.

Almost straightaway things go awry for Campbell during his investigation. Spirits appear to be controlling deadly objects to viciously attack him. General Stenwood, Yamamoto’s military liaison, tries to bribe him. Lilith, the teleporter computer, claims to be obeying orders from Yamamoto’s ghost. Yet Campbell’s greatest mystery seems to be Yamamoto’s beautiful assistant, Penelope Preston. She’s the only one to have successfully gone through the teleporter experiment, and he thinks he’s falling in love with her.

As the murdering rampage continues, Campbell discovers Penelope has special, unbelievable abilities. If the corrupt military should learn of Penelope’s potential, they could use her to create an army of superhuman soldiers that could dominate the world. With his greatest nemesis in pursuit, Campbell seeks to hide this incredible woman who has become such an intimate part of his life.