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We cancelled Comcast this week, and there was much rejoicing. We didn’t do it because we were paying them more than we were paying the Feds in taxes or because their customer service sucks, although those were contributing factors. What finally threw me over the edge is the unoriginal crap they put on TV these days, and the fact that we were paying Comcast to see it. We had to call it quits when I saw they were going to put on another Living Dead show. Whoever writes that crap must be a member of the cast, brain dead. I mean, c’mon, the original Dawn of the Dead was made 37 years ago, and all they’ve been able to come up with is four sequels, and a few crappy TV shows. They have yet to change the plot. Maybe it’s the viewer’s lack of intelligence. If people didn’t pay to see this stuff, they’d stop making it, but I doubt it. The best bet is for me to confine my TV experience to news, sports and weather, but even that’s depressing. Last night’s news was that one of my elderly mother’s comfort keepers was stabbed to death and dismembered by her 44-year-old boyfriend. Fortunately, he was caught. Unfortunately, he likes beating women, and was not shot on the spot. (No, the pope’s visit didn’t make me feel forgiving, only bored to tears with all the coverage).

            Worse than not finding anything original on television is the lack of new ideas in books. It has been years since a book stunned me, or even made me set it aside and think. I liked Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Patton, but even that conspiracy fell apart when I learned that Patton was the one that covered up his accident, because he didn’t want the life of te officer who caused it destroyed That was just the kind of man Patton was. No International conspiracy, just a General who cared for and looked after his men, the kind of men we could use today.

O, is originality dead? I hope not. I know I still dream. And the day I can’t think up a new idea will be the day they find me with my useless brain splattered against the wall with e a note that reads “Died of boredom.”