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It’s been a month since I posted my blog on BLM Solutions. Nothing has changed in a month. This domestic terrorist group calling for racial justice continues its lawless ways of destruction which have little to do with their right to protest. The group reminds me of spoiled children having a temper tantrum until they get their way.

As I foresaw in my first blog, the terrorists haven’t picked up a single politically powerful supporter who can achieve their goals for change. Nor do I foresee anyone adding their name to the cause until they end their violence and destruction.

The solitary celebrity supporter they did gain, Lebron James, is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the BLM movement, and the circumstances which got blacks into this position. It is well know that James never attended high school or college. He is uneducated. As I pointed out in my first blog, this is a major problem in black lives. A second major problem is growing up in a broken family. Lebron is the illegitimate son of Gloria James and some unrecognized father who ran out on Gloria upon learning she was pregnant. Like many black children, Lebron was raised by his mother, and didn’t know his father, since his father was in jail for theft and larceny.

James promised his mother that if she allowed him to skip high school and college to go pro, that he would get a college education. He did, but surely not in the manner his mother sought. James later bought the online school the University of Phoenix who then awarded him a diploma for answering eight or nine questions like: “What was the color of George Washington’s white horse?” Way to honor your mother’s wishes. James recently proved his disrespect for women by tweeting that “black women are the most disrespected on the planet. Did you read that Oprah and Michelle? You’re the most disrespected people on the planet. Nor does he want anything to do with white people after stating he could do without white people. How about all the white people who got you where you are, and white basketball fans in LA? Can you do without them? Can you do without the white police in LA? James doesn’t respect human life. I read that when asked if he would support the reward for the capture of the LA shooter of two LA cops, James finally went silent. He has a net worth of $400 million, and an annual salary of $100 million. James has a $2.5 million car collection. Not exactly a poor black man suffering white persecution. If James wants to help out his race, why not support getting high school educations for urban blacks? That’s what they really need. So many black boys are raised by single mothers the same as James. Why not be a positive mentor, and stress education for those without his physical gifts in sports? Why is James paying the fines of felons to buy votes, instead of trying to help others? Why not spread around that wealth to the poor who need it?

The one solution I see having promise is everyone coming together to solve this in a solution where there are no Black. Whites, Reds, or Yellows. We are all one people in these United Sates under one flag, one national anthem. All lives matter, all religions matter, and only one country matters. The blacks already tried having their own nations in Liberia and Haiti. Neither experiment worked

Here is the science behind working together as a species. At one time in human history we did all work together to progress. 30,000-years ago the human race lived in tribes of family units. They were hunters -gatherers barely getting by on what they could scrape from the Earth, but they stuck together, and avoided extinction for the next 20,000-years. Ten thousand years ago they discovered agriculture, and growing their own food.

Given a stable food source, the human race was able to settle down into their single family units rather than roam after food. Homes, towns and cities were built. Government, laws, and civilizations soon followed. The point is, that the human race can progress through this by staying together. We can and must work together to get out of our problems if we can get beyond the narcissistic few who want everything for themselves their way instead of following the ways of society, but the law and order of the majority must prevail over the lawless few.